How crowded in October?


Earning My Ears
Feb 5, 2001
I'm planning a quick Disney trip in mid-October but just found out that this is considered regular season. I sort of assumed crowds wouldn't be a factor since kids were back in school then, but maybe I'm wrong. Any comments from those of you who have visted in October?

I've been to WDW in Oct '91 and Oct '93. Both visits I found the crowds to be pretty light but I hear more & more people are now visiting in October. We're going in mid-October this year also so I'll be interested in what crowds are like too.

I do know that there are lots of conventions in October and Disney doesn't have problems filling their rooms - that's why it is is regular season-they don't have to discount rooms to fill them. I don't think the parks are full ... just resorts.

Debbie :)
We went the 1st 2 weeks in '98 and the crowds were light, lines minimal except for our last Sat there. It was Columbus Day weekend and everyone headed to MK for fireworks/Spectromagic. The park was actually closed to everyone but resort guests, it was filled to capacity! We even found it impossible to get a seat anywhere for dinner without a ps.
Thanks for the insight about conventions and Columbus Day weekend. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why Oct was considered regular it makes a little more sense! :)


We went in October 1997 and it was rather light during the Columbus day week. In october 1999 it was rather crowded. I just attributed it to the beginning of the Millennium celebration, but others have said that October of last year was just as bad.

October is one of our favorite times to go because the weather is great and the crowds are relatively light. We have found that planning is very important to avoid crowds. In October, we NEVER visit MK on the weekend since there are alot of Sat. or Sun. day-trippers that go to MK. MK and AK are for weekdays, EPCOT and MGM are for weekends. EPCOT can be crowded on weekdays from school/group field trips. With the proper planning, October can we wonderful.
We went last year in October 14-21. Sat was busy, Sun was a little less crowded. Monday-Thur was great. No lines hardley at all. Crowd picked up again on Fri. We were able to ride the test track twice in less than 10 min. Weather was great. The only down side was that MK closed at 7, AK closed at 6, and MGM closed at 6 or 7 and Epcot closed at 9 during the week. I can't remember exactley but I believe that I am right on the closing times. By Thursday we were sort of burnt out and Fri we spent a little time at the park then went back to our resort and went swimming. I recommend going in October.

We were there this past year from Oct. 29 thru Nov.5. It was little more crowded then usual. Even the staff at the concierge desk said it was the most crowded that they have seen in October.
However, I didn't think the lines were that bad. We never had a problem getting on a ride. And when the lines were long (test track) use the fast track pass.


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