How available are strollers in the busy season?


Earning My Ears
Feb 26, 2001
I was thinking about just renting a stroller for our 3 year old this summer. However, we are going the 4th of July week. Will it be impossible to get one or are they usually available?


DIS Veteran
Jul 14, 2000
We went during Presidents' Week in 2000 and MK was out of strollers at 1:00 p.m. We had to wait in line (with about 12 people ahead of us) for strollers to be returned as people were exiting the park. We eventually got two, but it was about 45 mins. to 1 hr. I would say that if you go early you should get one but if you're planning to parkhop (which is what we did, MGM in the morning and then MK) you might want to have your own. On our most recent trip, 9/00, we brought our own.


DIS Veteran
Feb 12, 2001
We went in "off" season one year and one day they had run out of strollers. It only happened once, but it was enought to make me lug my own stroller since then.


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Nov 15, 1999
We go during what is considered a slow time, first week in December. The stroller lines looked fairly long. I was always glad we brought our own. Plus it was nice to let them sleep leaving the park and while waiting for a bus.


DIS Veteran
Jan 7, 2018
Does anyone have a photo of the strollers you can rent at the park? Just wondering about the size.


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