High School Class 2013: Picking Colleges..Check in Here!

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by ugadog99, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. ugadog99

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    Feb 8, 2001
    Hi All,
    Our school year started two weeks ago, but my younger daughter and I have been working on the college process since the end of last year. I've been through this once before, but this time around, it is totally different. My first daughter was all academic: high grades, heavy volunteer work, lots of academic extra curriculars, academic clubs, good test scores...on and on. This time........well........this one is my theatre girl. :upsidedow

    She has an active 504 for ADD, math disability, and some visual processing issues. Her grades are going to fall in the 3.0-3.3 average. She has taken "Advanced" classes but no APs. She is a TERRIBLE standardized test taker and never shows her full potential with that at all. She has taken the ACT once, but it was dismal, as expected. She will retake in September and probably again in October.

    What's in her favor? She is a technical theatre kid with no performance desires! By the end of this school year, she will have had experience in 19 different (quality) productions in 4 years of high school. Apparently, the fact that she's tech gives her a bit of an edge in the competition for theatre schools. She really only wants a BFA program and would LOVE a true conservatory. Finances are a huge issue as I'm a single mom and a teacher.

    I know that for performance majors there is a suggestion of 12+ plus schools since the admittance rate is so low compared to the numbers applying. For tech kids, they usually suggest 6-ish, but we have decided to go with 12 because she wants as many theatre classes as possible and as little core as possible and it will all boil down to money in the end. (I spend tons of time on College Confidential, so a lot of my info comes from those there.)

    Yes, I know theatre is a "risky" major. That isn't even a topic for conservation with me. This is her passion, and I will support her in following her dreams. Yes, I realize that some core is a requirement everywhere. However, I have done extensive research into course requirements in all of these schools. The amount of core varies greatly from place to place and degree to degree. She is only interested in a BFA program, but we do have one "safety" BA on the list as a last resort. We are in Georgia, so our choices are along the East Coast, mostly.

    So, that brings us to the list:
    Point Park University
    Shenandoah University
    Webster University
    University of North Carolina School of the Arts

    Conservatory Style:
    Coastal Carolina University
    University of Central Florida
    Evansville University
    Virginia Commonwealth University

    In State:
    Columbus State (as close to a really good theatre program as we have here)
    Valdosta State (non audition BFA for tech)
    West GA (BA....dear LORD don't let this be the school! :sad2:)

    So, what about your high school senior? Have you started the process? Please share as we all go through this together!

  2. JeannieNM

    JeannieNM DIS Veteran

    Jan 24, 2003
    My daughter is class of 2014 so we don't have a list yet.

    I have my undergraduate degree in lighting design from back in the day when women were very rare in this field. I am retired but worked in the field for years. I am surprised that you don't have Carnegie Mellon University or NYU on your list. I know they are very expensive and a bit hard to get into but if your daughter has a good tech resume and maybe a portfolio she should consider these schools. JMHO I also have a friend who did his tech degree at NC school of the arts and he has been steadily employed in the field for 35 years.

    Good luck with the process
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  4. clh2

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    Jul 15, 2003
    I just want to wish you all well. This year will go FAST! DH and I just dropped DD off for her first year of college yesterday.

    My best advice - as it gets close to decision time: have your child make a pros cons grid. When I suggested the idea - it was awful. A couple of weeks later...DD sat down and said she thought it would help if she made a pros cons grid. About 5 minutes later...there was a very clear decision!

    If I could dissect the year - Application time is coming up quick...as well as any college tours that remain to be done...then there is the FAFSA process...and then scholarship apps - going right into AP exam time then Graduation Day.
  5. padams

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    Feb 9, 2001
    Wouldn't SCAD Savannah or Atlanta be a great option for your dd?:confused3
  6. tar heel

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    Aug 17, 1999
    I want to comment on this:

    "Yes, I know theatre is a "risky" major. That isn't even a topic for conservation with me. This is her passion, and I will support her in following her dreams."

    I know there are a lot of people on the DIS who will disagree with you on this, but I'm not one of them. I don't want my kids to be 40 and miserable b/c they didn't at least try what they loved most.

    One idea for your daughter if she ends up at a BA school... We took our youngest to college yesterday. He will be working on a BA in dramatic art in a liberal arts environment and his intention is to do a conservatory study abroad program. He's not looked into it much but has already uncovered one in Ireland.
  7. cornflake

    cornflake DIS Veteran

    Jul 31, 2011
    I'm all for tech but echoing another poster... I think the list is lacking. I get NYU may be a reach or an issue but still... also Marymount is known for their theatre dept., including the tech.

    I may be prejudiced but I just can't see not being in the City if this is what she wants and it's at all possible. It may not be what ends up happening but there isn't a single City school on your list....
  8. clm10308

    clm10308 DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2010
    If you want to look further south, University of Houston is supposed to have a good Theater Arts program.

    My DD started her senior year of HS this past week. She is looking mostly at state schools due to finances. She wants to study Broadcast Production or something along those lines. She really has a choice between a small university that runs a PBS tv station or a Community college that has a program leading to some sort of technical certificate. The actual media part seems to be the same, but she is leaning (with my push) toward the university so that she can get a degree on the chance that she changes her mind later. If we still lived in Texas, she would probably end up in the RTV program (radio and television or what ever they are calling it now) at university of Houston.
  9. Christine

    Christine Would love to be able to sit on

    Aug 31, 1999
    Hi ugadog! I think we were on the 2009 thread together!!!!!!

    I am in a reverse situation than in 2009. My DD, in 2009, had the low GPA, bad test scores, ADD issues, all sorts of things. That college application process was depressing.

    This time I've got my son. His GPA is in the 3.8-4.1 range, he likes math, does good to average on standardized testing, and is toying with the idea of engineering. We live in Virgina.

    His top choice is Virginia Tech but I fear his grades/scores won't be competitive enough for the engineering department.

    His second choice is JMU but he won't do engineering there at all. He will go there and choose a different type of major.

    If he is stuck on engineering, he can get in-state rates an West Virginia University if he takes their mechanical/aerospace engineering degree. While the school doesn't have the reputation of VA Tech, we have very impressed with their engineering school.

    Last choice is George Mason University, which is about 30 minutes from our home. He would live there, though, if he went.

    We may add some new schools in between--just not sure yet. Better get on the ball.

    As for your DD, my DD's friend when to school for theater technical lighting. She went to Penn State and loves it there.
  10. lastminutemom

    lastminutemom DIS Veteran

    Mar 28, 2006
    This line worries me, as many parents report getting very little in the way of $ for BFA programs. Most of the schools on your list don't meet full need, do they? Her stats are unlikely to make her a candidate for much merit money at most schools.

    Is she HOPE eligible?

    Have you had the "what we can realistically afford" conversation with your daughter? You probably already know this already, but having a safety that you can afford and that she likes is very important.

    Could you possibly find a way to make GSU or Kennesaw State work? That way she would have access to all the opportunities in Atlanta. Kennesaw State has new dorms and has really involved into a true university vs a commuter school.
  11. ugadog99

    ugadog99 <font color=blue>Has been waiting patiently for a

    Feb 8, 2001
    As for HOPE and finances, that's why Columbus State is on our list and a top priority. It is a BFA (although with a heavy core) and has a very good program for being in the state of Georgia. We have looked at KSU, but I believe it is a BA in technical. That just means more core, and she'll never make it through that. By GSU, did you mean Southern or GA State? She does know that this all boils down to finances. We do have the tech route on our favor with financial aid. There are few techies and, from what I've gathered, they might receive some aid.

    SCAD is a no go because the theatre program is very, very new. Savannah is the only campus to offer theatre. In the tech end, they only offer lighting, so that isn't going to work.

    CMU or NYU would be amazing, but I have to be realistic. The chances of her being accpeted would be very slim. Secondly, there is just no way I could afford it.

    Christine, I do remember you from the 2009 thread. Good luck to your son!

    Anyone else beginning the process?
  12. mom2travel

    mom2travel DIS Veteran

    Nov 14, 2008
    Count me in! DS starts senior year next week. It seems like the first day of kindergarten was just yesterday :)

    He has a rough "list" of schools he's discussed with me. Wants to take the ACT and SAT each one more time before he finalizes where he'll apply.

    He's the oldest so it's our first time through this process since DH & I applied ourselves. I keep reminding myself that I will be taking many deep breaths to be patient this fall during application time. He's a great kid, will interview well if he does any. Standardized test scores are average - always has been in the middle percentiles. Goes to a very competitive HS. All honors & AP classes sophomore through senior years. He's been very interested in medicine for years and still has plans for medical school. Hasn't yet decided what major to pursue. We've talked about considering what other career paths he can pursue with a given major should he either change his mind or not get into med school. Thankfully we know a number of doctors and people in other related medical fields to bounce ideas off of

    I'm sure it will be an interesting year for us all!
  13. The Mystery Machine

    The Mystery Machine Sunrise at my house. :+)

    Jan 4, 2001
    Just wanted to say good luck to all.

    I have 2 more yrs till the youngest goes to college. However I probably will not have to do much. She has been researching since last yr. She wants a double major in business and communications.

    Have fun!:wave2:
  14. jbcheerchick93

    jbcheerchick93 DIS Veteran

    Mar 24, 2008
    You should definitely add Clemson into the list, if he applies before the end of December he will get GREAT aid based on his GPA and test scores. They have a great engineering school and are great in other areas as well!
  15. ugadog99

    ugadog99 <font color=blue>Has been waiting patiently for a

    Feb 8, 2001
    This is such an exciting and frightening time for all of us! We submitted two applications over the weekend: Point Park and UCF. Both of those are rolling admissions, so we wanted to get them in first.

    What I'm finding almost overwhelming in this is that on top of the normal college application, test scores, transcript, and sometimes a counselor form, we also have the theatre department application to do in most cases. Then, those require more letters from both artistic and academic teachers and an interview/portfolio review. Whew.....our 12 schools have turned in to almost 24 actual apps! :scared1:

    Good Luck to all and keep us updated!
  16. BuzznBelle'smom

    BuzznBelle'smom <font color=red>There are tomato-ey paw prints all

    Mar 18, 2002
    Jumping in, as I start on this process for the first time.

    My DD17 wants to be a teacher. It's an excellent choice for her, she has so much natural ability. She hopes to move abroad and teach English to Spanish-speaking children.

    We've done the far-away college visits, we'll do the closer ones (day trips) as we find time. She runs cross country and takes many dance classes, so we'll fit the other visits in as we find time. She's been working on her applications, essays, etc. and has already taken the SATs twice. She's doing Early Admissions as many places as possible.

    I hope she takes the SAT one more time--none of her schools count the essay portion, which she did really well on, and her math score isn't that great. Still, her total was 2070, she's taking mostly honors and AP classes, and finished last year with w 4.1 GPA.
  17. luvavacation

    luvavacation DIS Veteran

    Nov 23, 2006
    Hey, I was on the 2009 thread for a while with my eldest DD, too! You would think the second go-around with youngest DD would be a piece of cake, but no!

    My experience is similar to UGADOG, where eldest was the one that scored great on standardized tests, volunteered, had a good GPA and Honors/AP classes, was involved in school academic clubs, etc. She had to work hard for good grades, they didn't come easily, but she got them and hey, it really helped that she did well on those standardized tests, because she had a 32 on the ACT. We knew she had no problem going to the one, and only one, school she would apply to, Purdue.

    DD #2 is a different story. She is terrible on standardized tests, yet learning is very easy for her. She picks up new concepts so quickly, and is a wonderful writer, but does not like to volunteer all that much, and school is more social than a place to strive for good grades to make that college application time easier! Last semester of Junior year, she finally realized that college was looming, so she buckled down and got all "A" grades, including the AP and honors classes, but hey, too little too late.

    She also did not score as high on the ACT as we had hoped, getting only a 27 the first time, and a 25 the second time. She has a problem with timed tests, she gets very flustered and nervous that she won't finish. We know she could score higher, we are witness to her intelligence every day, but this is what she has, so this is what she is going to be sending on!

    This DD is active in sports and band, however, and one of the things she would like in college are badminton and orchestra band programs. She also wants a smaller college than her sister's Purdue, but that makes it harder to find those extra activities!

    Originally, DD was going to study Psychology, so over spring break, I took her to see schools within 5 hours of us that offer Psychology (5 hours away by car is her comfort level). After being a nanny this summer, she thinks Elementary Education is more her style, she she went to see the schools that offer that. I hope she won't change her mind again, but if so, I am thinking that she should go to a larger school, so she has options. But what do I know, I am just the parent! :laughing:

    So far, top schools are....

    IU Bloomington, IN (loves the beauty of the campus, and best looking guys are there)

    Eastern IL, Charleston, IL (says it is like Purdue, but smaller, likes the smaller size)

    Quincy University, Quincy, IL (says campus is pretty)

    Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (sister goes there, and hot farm boys)

    Illinois State, Bloomington, IL (did not like the city atmosphere)

    Taylor University, Urban, IN (did not like the restrictive religious moral code you have to abide by, but liked the small school size - I liked the moral code! :thumbsup2)

    She says that if her sister goes on to graduate school at Purdue, then she will go to Purdue. I am not sure she will get in to either Purdue or IU! Of course, she needs to start those college aps, and pray for some scholarships! Those Indiana schools are expensive for out-of-state residents! :eek: Thank God we plan on moving to Southern IN once she is gone, and what I believe my top IL school fit for her, Eastern, does offer in-state rates for Indiana residents, so score for Eastern either way!

    I believe this will be a bumpy ride!
  18. LBAK

    LBAK DIS Veteran<br><font color=deeppink>The girl at ou

    Jan 18, 2005
    I'm jumping in also. My daughter starts her senior year in 2 weeks and I know it will fly. She is looking at schools in Florida. She wants to play soccer and we are in contact with several coaches right now. She hates the cold weather so she is primarily looking at Florida and a school in South Carolina.
    Should be an interesting year.
    Good luck to everyone!
  19. TinkerBelled

    TinkerBelled DIS Veteran

    Jun 20, 2011
    I'd just like to jump in and say for students who don't do well on standardized tests but may shine in an application, there are an increasing number of liberal arts schools that don't require any standardized test scores.

    They do it in part because of their philosophy, and in part because they don't have to report the scores in for rankings on the US News and World Report (which lets them take good kids who might otherwise pull their averages and rankings down).

    Fair Test has a list of them (for the record, Fair Test is a nonprofit working to end standardized testing, but their list should be correct):
  20. LisaR

    LisaR <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/silver.jpg>

    Sep 26, 2000
    Is there any chance you are in favor of arranged marriages and is your DD interested in a 15 y/o? :rotfl: Our kids are almost identical. Mine has a visual processing disorder along with other LD, does horribly on standardized tests, and has the mid-range GPA. On the plus side, he is a math genius so he can help your DD and she can help him with his writing. On top of that, he is a theater tech lover! He has been in some productions but much prefers the sound and lighting aspect and has been able to experience both along with assistant stage manager. Who needs match.com when we have the Dis! ;)

    Good luck to your DD. My oldest is a senior this year and like your oldest, she is the academic one with all the extras. It is still a long process and she is having a hard time deciding.
  21. TinkerBelled

    TinkerBelled DIS Veteran

    Jun 20, 2011
    Sorry--I know this is about other parents, but I wanted to put another quick comment in: have you thought about University of the Arts in Philly? It's a good 10k less a year than CMU for tuition, and the room charges are less as well. It has a really good faculty, and Philly is a very vibrant theater town (over 50 companies) that's quite close to NYC.

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