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Sep 9, 1999
Just received my certificate and I notice it says it is not good on any promotional fares. Does this mean it can only be used on full unrestricted fares? Are any of these a bargain or would I be spending more to save the $25.00? Has anyone else used these with a good fare? Please post the best fares you have obtained and the best way to go about doing so. By the way, I sent mine in on 12/26 & just received today (2/12) for those of you still waiting.
that these would only be good on full fare purchases glad I did not scamper to get these.


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I uised these on a promotional fare had to go to tix counter @airport & paid the same as the promotional fare listed on the website & verified on the phone call first & they will give you the fare amt & hold it 24 hrs I did this & pd $39 extra for 2 rt from islip to orlando so it ended up costing me about $130 total for the 2 tix BUT they are not good on internet fare specials Good luck
Don't worry about your certificates. They are good on discount fares - but you can't apply them to an internet purchase. I looked up the fares that I wanted on the internet and was able to book the exact fares/times right at the SW ticket counter in the airport - $79. There were other fares available at that time that were much higher.


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