Help!! What If I HAVE TO BAIL OUT of a TRIP Due to Injurey??


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Aug 25, 2000
I have paid for airline tickets thru$1059. and Midway Air $192. and put a Deposit on a Basic Room For All Stars Music $200.

Now I'm Panicing!!
cuz, I've hurt my knee badly!![at the least I will need a rental scooter] and may need surgery!!

The cost of this trip is sky rocketing at every turn. And before I pay the rest due on the All Stars[feb.11,01] I want to know if I can change Dates or Cancel without losing all I have paid so far![I may need it to pay for the surgery!!]

Help Please? I tried to call but they are closed.


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With the disney reservation you can just change dates and not lose your deposit, but the thing is you will probably reschedule for a higher rated season (since right now you are in value season for early Feb.). Now, Swan and Dolphin still has some "discounted" rooms at different times of the year, so that's one option, or making your trip dates for another value season much later in the year.
The airline thing is the worst. I don't know about the tickets you bought through a ticket broker. Most airlines charge a change fee per ticket plus any increase in fare. This can be very expensive. All you can do is ask.
Good luck, and I'm very sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. The scooter is a great idea.
1) Most discounted airfares on most airlines are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
2) You could change your trip and rebook the times/dates for $30-$80 per ticket, based upon the airline. Also, you will pay any price increases in effect for the new dates.
3) CAUTION: Most tickets are only valid for 1-year, so if postponed, do not wait too long before rescheduling.
Does anyone know where to get reasonably priced trip insurance? This year I didn't book through AAA, so can't get theirs. Checked a few web sites, seems awfully expensive. Anyone have other experiences?

I called to ask about policy on changes!!! There is a $100.00 change fee for our TWA ticket!!!

Unless something has changed just in the past 2-3 days (I doubt it), I read earlier this week that TWA only increased their change fee from $75 to $100 on flights to/from Hawaii. That being said, the change fee that will govern your tickets is whatever is in effect at the time the change is made, not now. If you make the change after American Airlines acquires TWA, it's likely that American's change fee at the time the change is made will determine what it will cost you.

Last summer I had to cancel a trip due to illness.
I had purchased travel insurance - $60 for a family.

Though is you have already seen a Dr. about this condition it sort of null and voids getting the insurance. They don't cover preexisting conditions.

It does work though. I recieved full reimbursement of my airfare. I was going to visit family so that was my only expense.

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