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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Moms, Oct 5, 2012.

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    Getting a little freaked out with recent scheduling problems that may necessitate changing our upcoming road trip from Chicago to WDW (12/28/- 1/2) to a plane trip! We always drive to WDW ... 1st; we love road trips and 2nd; it gives us a great deal of flexibility ... for example, if there is a snowstorm heading for Chicago we have the option of getting on the road a day early and getting south of the storm before it hits. If a snowstorm hits the day we are scheduled to fly out we could spend days trying to get to WDW! Then there is the "Do we rent a car?" question. We don't usually bother to move our car once we have parked at the resort but it is always great to have the option to go to the grocery store (we're staying at BWV), outlet mall, drugstore, etc. if necessary. Can't see spending the $$$ to rent a car for this! Will some veteran flyers tell me things will still be fabulous! Also, can I add Magical Express to my reservation after the fact? :confused3
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    I can understand your concern about storms! I believe most airlines will work with you if an impending storm is going to negatively impact your departure. We flew to FL in January of 2010 when the Northeast was socked with snowstorms every few days. SWA was offering to move people earlier/later in anticipation of flight delays. But, you are correct in that the weather could cause problems if you are flying.

    On the other hand, your trip is (for me) very short and you'll get a lot more time at WDW if you fly. We never rent a car. I can live without a grocery trip, I bring an assortment of meds/first aid so needing a pharmacy would be unlikely and I don't go to WDW for outlet shopping!!! If you rarely move your car at WDW, you probably don't need a rental.

    And, yes, you can add DME up to, I think, 72 hrs prior to your arrival.
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    Well, here are my thoughts <queue theme from the Good The Bad & the Ugly>:

    The Good: You'll get there a lot faster, which means more time with Mickey! Personally, I always prefer to fly than drive.

    The Bad: Costs from ORD aren't great, currently $400-$600 per person on most airlines (AirTran to United). In addition, ORD is a major hub for several airlines, so it will be busy.

    The Ugly: Peak Holiday Travel Time!!!! :scared1: Packed flights, and since ORD is a MAJOR hub for several airlines, any delay around the country will likely have a ripple effect here. Not to be a doomsayer, but just say'in ;) Getting a flight from MCO to ORD on the return will be easy and on-time. get to MCO from ORD will be the greatest challenge, IMO.

    Good luck! :thumbsup2

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