Help me with restaurant choices please!!


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Sep 2, 1999
We'll be at U.E. for 3 full days and nights, staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. I'm planning 2 full days at IOA and 1 at Universal Studios. I'm assuming the parks will be closing early (we'll be there at the very end of August). We're a family of 4 with a 15 year old daughter and 18 year old son. I figure lunch at the Burger Digs in IOA one day, and the Monster Cafe for lunch at Universal. Also Margaritaville for a City Walk meal one night. But the other lunch and two dinners are undecided (we will not have a car, so will want to eat either at HRH, Citywalk, or in the parks). Neither of my kids is a big basketball or car-racing fan. Any suggestions? Is the Hard Rock restaurant a good choice? Thanks for any help† :)
We had a wonderful meal at finnigans inside US. The monster cafe wasn't very good. Mythos in IOA was our favorite meal. Pastamore' in CW was very good and so was Margarittaville and NBA city.

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Hi CJ,
I don't think you can find a bad meal at City Walk! We had excellent food everywhere we went. My entire family votes for the Hard Rock Cafe as having the best dinner.
We ate at NBA City (best steaks), Margaritaville's (best nachos), Pastamore (very good chicken parm), Sunset Grille, (everything's good here), and The Hard Rock Cafe (best ribs).
You'll have a good time where ever you decide to go!
The lunch at Sunset Grill in HRH is very good and should appeal to teenagers as well as adults. The evening meal there is more serious cuisine, probably not for everyone.

Hard Rock cafe is always an excellent choice. Good food, GREAT burgers and atmosphere that can't be beat.

I second the vote for Mythos as th best in the parks. The best fast food award goes to Thunder falls Terrace in Jurassic Park.

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How far ahead can I make priority seating arrangements at these places: Margaritaville, Confisco's Grill, Sunset Grill at HRH, NBC City, Hard Rock Cafe? Do any of them take actual reservations? Thanks for all the great help! <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">
also, can you make a reservation at one of these popular eateries within 24 if your a guest at one of the hotels? I've planned my past DIS trips to the moment and would love to leave room for a little spontaneity...(unsure of my spelling on this word)
We really enjoyed margaritaville in City Walk and Confiscos grille in IOA. Have to agree about the monster cafe though, bleah!


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