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Discussion in 'Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Museum' started by Tomandtammy, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Tomandtammy

    Tomandtammy Mouseketeer

    Jul 11, 2000
    Hi all I decided to let my son play VMK, but before he can play it I have to figure out how and what I am supposed to do! LOL I tried last night just walking around as a guest, I found a few ppl to click on and got credits and pins BUT I didnt see the pins after it said i got them. Can someone tell me what is the point of this, what am I supposed to do? AND How do you get fiends and stuff, BTW I think I am just addcited to walking around and playing some of the games! LOL Pook mike! Mom can't I play yet!
  2. Maleficent2

    Maleficent2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 1999
    have you checked out the guide at the top of this forum?

    Your pins are located in your furniture icon click on the little chair then click on pins...then highlight the pin you want to wear and click on wear...that is it.

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  4. JeanJoe

    JeanJoe <font color=red>VMK Community Leader!</font color>

    Apr 27, 2005
    Lol! We should have a newbie's introduction post. Once you get past the newbie phase, though, check out the stickied player's guide up top in the forum.

    There's not really a "point" -- you won't get to the end and "win" the game. It's how you get there!

    Things you can do:

    - walk around, explore, enjoy the sights and sounds
    - find the hidden monorail stations
    - talk with people (as much as you can with the dictionary restrictions)
    - visit other people's rooms (although the top 10 are usually silly "VMK Top Model" competitions and "Find your boy / girl friend" rooms...)

    - jungle cruise photo safari
    - fireworks
    - pirates
    - make up your own music mixes

    Shopping / items
    - find the shops, double click on the cash register (or in one case, space alien) to see what's for sale
    - purchase furniture and spiff up your room
    - buy clothes and pins
    - win magic pins that let you do neat effects, either by playing games, participating in the Kellogg's cereal promotion (or just getting the codes at the top of this forum), or whatnot
    - be sure to use the codes in the sticky up top to get more starting credits and a few magic pins

    - in VMK, buy a camera at VMK Central, and start collecting pictures of the hidden mickeys
    - in the real parks, do an in-park quest, answer the questions, win codes that can be redeemed in VMK for more virtual gear
    - if you get all the in-park quest questions correct, do the insider's tour, where they go through the real park showing you how VMK was imagineered, get to head to the front of the line on a few rides during your tour, do another special quest during the tour, win really nice VMK virtual prizes, and make me really, really envious!

    - to wear clothes you've bought, click the Shirt button, lower right-ish, and click the arrows to switch
    - to wear pins you've bought, click the Chair button, lower left-ish, select the pins tab, select a pin and click "wear"
    - to furnish your room, go to your room, click the Chair button, click on furnishings, and move and rotate things around in your room

    Other things you can do:
    - think up clever ways to turn down the 11-year-old kid who just asked you if you want to be his girlfriend ;)
  5. Tomandtammy

    Tomandtammy Mouseketeer

    Jul 11, 2000
    ROFLMAO, ok so there is no point, and I have to buy a camera, and click registers and use stolen codes! LOL
    I will have to check into the in park stuff,
    Do I win anything for playing the games? I lvoe the fireworks one!, then again I think thats all i found!
  6. JeanJoe

    JeanJoe <font color=red>VMK Community Leader!</font color>

    Apr 27, 2005
    Sounds like you are getting sucked in. Time for you to read the Player's Guide that Maleficent wrote up!
  7. mmeb144

    mmeb144 I do my own theme song.

    Oct 10, 2000
    go to the envelope and open it up click on the ? and it will anwser all your problems.

    Marie's DD

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