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Sep 29, 2000
Okay so I'm planning another trip for Oct 03. I would be downthere for 2 weeks. Arriving on a Sat Leaving on Friday. I would like to stay at the Poly for 3 nights, Hotel royal Plaza for eight nights,Portofino Bay 2 nights. My question is What order would you suggest for these stays and why?
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I have only been to the Poly, and it would be a fabulous way to End your vacation. You will be on the monorail & can visit MK & Epcot easily for your final fixes. It will be wonderful!
Last year we stayed at the Hard Rock for 2 or 3 nights I can't remember. The place was great and the FOTL was the best. We didn't really feel like we were on Vacation until we got to DW. IMO I would do Universal first.
Definitely stay at the Poly at the end of your trip ... it will make the coming of the end of your vacation more bearable.:D We did AKL at the end of our last trip and although we weren't trying to wish our vacation away, it was great fun to look forward to it. As well, we had pretty much finished all of the parks by then so it was nice to just enjoy the resort. Of course at the Poly, it is just so easy to hop a monorail to either MK or Epcot, and still spend lots of time at the resort. Sounds like a wonderful trip ... we will be at ASMu the first 2 weeks of Oct and I can hardly wait. :Pinkbounc

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