height requirements


Earning My Ears
Mar 11, 2001
my son is dying to go on the spiderman ride?
he is only 5 and 46 inches tall. are there age and/or height requirements? any info would be greatly appreciated. he is a daredevil and has high hopes for this trip lol
He'll be fine on Spiderman. The height requirement is only 40 inches. Here are the other height restrictions for IoA:

Spiderman 40”
Incredible Hulk 54”
Dr. Doom's Fearfall 52”
Ripsaw Falls 44”
Bilge Rat Barges 48”
Jurassic Park 42”
Dueling Dragons 54”

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Thanksgiving 1999 Contemporary
Labor Day 2000 All Star Sports
Sept. 2000 MOWC
Halloween 2000 Premier Homes
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And welcome to the boards!
Your son will be happy to know that Spidey requirement is 40"! He's in there!


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