height requirement???


Earning My Ears
Mar 20, 2001
Does anyone know the height requirement for the Rock'n'rollercoaster? Last year when we were there my son was too short ---he was so disappointed --This year I'd like to avoid the area if he's still not going to be able to ride. I couldn't find RnR on the height page on the dis site.
It's 48", and they do measure. My son was 50" in January, and they measured him every time he rode (5-6 times during the week).


Offsite 5/99 (never again!)
All Star Sports 5/00
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Animal Kingdom Lodge 6/01
Thank you. I guess we'll miss it again this year --- he's about 47". Unless he can grow an inch before mid-may.

I know how you feel. My dd, 6, wants to go on this ride so bad, but she is too short yet, but her older brother, 8, wouldn't go on it if you paid him. She's 45", but going through a growth spurt, but I don't think she'll make it by June.

My family and I went to WDW in May 99 and my nephew was 46"... Before we left we bought tennis shoes for the trip that he liked and that happened to have a 2" sole... that made him 48" and he was able to ride all the bigger rides...



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