Has There Ever Been a Problem with Lack of Demand for VB Points


Earning My Ears
Jan 22, 2004
We are very close to buying a VB property but want to make sure we could rent out points if we needed to. Has there ever been a problem with lack of demand for VB points?

We are also looking at buying Boardwalk or BCV points. IS there a difference in their popularity? Thanks for you advice!!
If you are buying with intent to rent to help cover costs than I would recommend buying a DVC WDW location property to enable renting from 11mos out on property

I agree with jaysue regarding renting and site preference. More importantly, with DVC you really must plan your trips well in advance. I have found that by planning so far in advance, that my problem is not that I struggle to find ways to use the points I have or rent them, instead my problem is that I need more points!
My sister wants to stay in VB in September. We figured what it would cost her if she rented points from a VB owner and even if she got it for $8 per point there didn't seem to be a big enough difference than the cash rate (assuming she can get some sort of discount and she usually does) to risk sending money to someone she doesn't know.

If I were going to buy at VB it would be for my own use.

Are you planning to buy VB primarliy for VB stays?

It just sounds like you may be liking the lower VB upfront cost and planning to use the points at WDW. This is not a good plan for MANY reasons. VB has the highest dues of any DVC resort. Permantly stuck with the seven month window will lead to difficulty and dissappointment. VB could no longer be involved with DVC one day(maybe soon) and you would lose any ability to use your points at WDW. VB points will also be the hardest to rent out.

Unless you are buying VB primarily for VB stays, its not a good idea.
I agree with Rich - buy VB to stay at VB most of the time and only occassional swaps into WDW

Do not see VB being split from DVC association though

I don't see VB being split off either....but it is a possiblity. A possiblility that I used to describe as being extremely remote, all this DIS takeover talk, a new this and a new that and now I would call it a remote possiblity.

I think it has clearly moved from being extremely remote to simply remote.

Agreed, feels like about a 10-15% chance especially if Disney taken out by an LBO or forced to shed "non core assets"

Good point and thanks for the additional view

I would have to disagree with some of the posts, I am one of the original owners at Vero, bought way back before Vero was opened in summer of 95. First I'd like to point out there are some contracts that were signed prior to 1/1/96 that have assessment credits, this makes the annual dues at Vero one of the lowest in the vacation club, although they may be limited if you research hard enough you may be lucky enough to find one. As far as my experiences go for booking at WDW, I can honestly say we really never were disappointed when booking 7 months out, OKW always has space, except for Grand Villas, the other resorts can be more of a challenge though, but if you work it something usually tends to come up. When renting points I have never had a problem. Hope this helps.

The contracts that Vince are referring to I think come from the first 3 months when budgets/POS etc. envisioned something like 266 vacation homes - ultimately 175 or so were built and thus there are two classes of dues at VB

Originally posted by Richyams
VB could no longer be involved with DVC one day(maybe soon) and you would lose any ability to use your points at WDW.
There is no evidence that maybe soon you would lose any ability to use your Vero points at WDW. It's pure speculation and may be bias.

We love Vero Beach, it's a wonderful resort. But our points are primarily to stay there, you will have better success renting onsite WDW DVC points than Vero points.

Have you turned on a tv or read a newspaper in the last two weeks?

I must assume not, ok, well there is this big media company called 'Comcast", they have made a hostile bid for Disney. Their first attempt was rebuffed, but Disney is still in play.

If another company takes Disney over, its likely that DVC will stay as it is today. Its also very possible that DVC or individual resorts, especially those off WDW property could be sold.

If VB is sold to Marriot or another company, VB points will not be valid for use at any of the WDW DVC resorts.

The takeover could happen 'soon' and that is why I think (maybe soon) is apropriate.

I don't think its dire enough for current owners to start thinking of exit stratagies, but I certainly think its something that a new buyer should factor into their decision.
Originally posted by Richyams
Its also very possible that DVC or individual resorts, especially those off WDW property could be sold.
What evidence or reference source do you have for this statement? What facts do you have to support that it is "very possible"?

I contend that it is absolute pure speculation on your part that an ownership change would have any impact whatsoever on the structure and setup of DVC. I look forward to your providing evidence from an official Disney source that an ownership change at the top level would "very possibly" impact the specific DVC business unit in this manner.
No one knows for sure what will happen to Disney or if there will even be a merger, a buyout or a corporate raid, but certainly spinning off the lessor performing DVC units (i.e. the properties not in Orlando), while very remote, could happen. It is wise, for anyone going into the DVC, to do so realizing that as remote as it is, it could legally happen and then make your decision from there.
Maybe someone can answer this for me.

What would Disney get from a sale VB? Meaning, all the points are sold. The only revenue coming in now are the cash reservations from the % that Disney owns and the Maintenance fees that are generated. I don't know much about VB, I believe there are "Inn" rooms that Disney owns, correct? + their % of the DVC points.

Of course they would get restaurant revenue, etc...But how much $$$ are we talking about? I know that in 38 years Disney will get ownership of all the points, but that is so far off that it probably would have minimal value to another company.

Am I missing something? I can't see a sale of VB generating much revenue for Disney at this time.

I would agree with Desperado's point, its all pure speculation to say if Disney gets bought out they are spinning off the Vero Beach resort. Although anything is always possible its way too early to speculate on something major like that. Having a GREAT offsite resort to unwind makes the DVC that much more attractive to new potential members which different options in my opinion.

Of course it is speculation that its going to happen, that doesn't change the fact that it is VERY POSSIPLE that VB could be sold off.

Again, in the past I have charactorized the possibility as "extremely remote", with Disney being in play for an acquision, I would change that to remote.

Where did I say it was impending? Or certain? Or anything else?

"Very possible" means that it is already in the contracts you signed and there are already provisions that you agreed to to accomodate a situation where VB is sold off and you will no longer have access to WDW DVC resorts.

Its actually more than "possible", the mechanics of VB no longer being a DVC resort are already spelled out and signed by the owners.

It is possible for any of the DVC resorts.

As remote as it may be, VB is still the most likely resort to be axed with HH a close second.
Rich makes a good point that we all need to keep in mind:

caveat emptor (buyer beware)

We bought at VB with the knowledge that if we had to use our VB points at VB that would be totally ok with us


Originally posted by JohnnyII
Am I missing something? I can't see a sale of VB generating much revenue for Disney at this time.


As others here have been quick to point out, Disney owns the land as well as all the structures on the land. That property would be what they would sell. Who knows that the value of that oceanfront property would be now. Of course the buyer would have to continue allowing the owners to use their points there, but even that has a certain amount of revenue that is being generated. Again, the possibility of this is small, but there is always that chance. If Disney were gobbled up by say, Comcast and Marriott stepped in and said hey, Comcast we'll give you 500 million dollars for the Vero property, would they sell it? No one knows. Again ALL speculation (and wild guesses on numbers) but something the prospective DVC buyer should keep in mind. Buy where you will be happiest to stay if that becomes your only choice for some exceptionally rare and wildly speculative reason.
that becomes your only choice for some exceptionally rare and wildly speculative reason.

Three months to ten years ago, I would agree completely, I think 'exceptionally rare and wildly speculative' is qualitatively congruent to 'extremely remote'. I think that the takeover possibilities have increased this risk, in your terms, to 'rare and specutalive' or in mine, 'remote'.

Still not something to send current owners to the TSS or take out contracts on ME, but very certainly something for prospective buyers to be aware of.

At least we found out what Desperado's home resort is.....


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