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Aug 31, 2001
Has anyone done Busch Gardens while they were on vacation at Disney? If so, how did you get there from your hotel? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
This is one of my most favorite parks, it's very beautiful. The only way we've gotten there is by car and driving. It takes about an hour but it really doesn't seem that long and to me it was worth it. We haven't rented a car the past three times so we haven't gone and I really miss it!
Thank you Lori, I have seen different programs on TV about Busch Gardens, Tampa and it looks like alot of fun. We have done BG in Virginia but from what I hear BG in Tampa is alot nicer and bigger. Do you know if there is any transportation from any of the hotels on site that can get you there? Thank you.
You know if I recall we had asked one year and the only way was to either take a cab or rent a car and a cab was not an option! If you were to rent a car for a day or two and they would drop it off at the hotel for you and pick it up I would do that, but you may get a better weekly rate you never know. Otherwise it wouldn't be worth all that extra money imho.

Good luck!

we did BGT in on a DEC trip it took us about an hour and a half to get there from DXL. get on I4 south and follow the signs its right in the middle of towm you can't miss it.the rides are great ( I'm A roller coaster nut ) and the shows are very good also. you said you have been to BGW the layout is about the same but the theme is totally differant. all about animals the tiger pit is not to be missed . I live about 20 min from BGW and get season tickets every year and i would have to say that the two parks are about the same in price ( food , drinks, sov, ect ) One note if you ride coasters take plenty quarters you can't take anything on the coasters with you and they don't hold items at the station but there are lockers at the loading ramps for the rides they are only $0.25 ea. so its not to bad. The Monitu is there big name coaster ( on the top 10 coaster list last time i checked ) I rode it 4 time on my trip once in the front seat once in y\the middle and twice in the last seat. The last seat gives the best ride BAR NONE. I love this park and could go on forever about it but i'll stop now. If you have anyqueastions about BGT Or BGW let me know and i will be happy to help.


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