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Jan 4, 2001
Hey gang looking for information again. I just got ressies at the Hard Rock Hotel for $139 a night in July. Can anyone tell me if this is a good price. And if you have stayed there do the rooms have refers.

What type of room did you get?


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I found it on goto.com. It was the Hotel reservation network. This was for a pool view room.
This looks to be a great rate! It took me a while to figure out where to get the rate from, but I found it at www.180096hotel.com... I don't know how much an AP or Entertainment rate is though?
ummmm... I would say that's a pretty good rate since I just paid 205.00 for one night on 4/26 for a garden view... wow. am I bummed out or what. Oh well, another day another dollar... :eek:
I am paying $149 for a pool view (deluxe room)
with the ET card. So I guess you beat me. Good for you.

that link is not working for me... on a whim i thought i would check out universal. we also we be there for the 4th of july. what is the name of the site you went to maybe i can access it that way. also does hrh have rooms for families of 6? any other deals or pointers i should consider? thanks
Artie, There is a 5 person limit per room at HRH and it doesn't matter how old the children are (even in the 500sf deluxe rooms). I've read here that they don't do head counts so you can sleep extra people if you choose. Problem is that you will get room keys that will allow you front of the line access for each registered person in the room, so if you sneak someone in they will not have a key. We debated what we would do and since we are all sleeping in the same room for the rest of our vacation we are getting two rooms at HRH. At least we know that we'll get three good nights of sleep! The only rooms that they will (almost) guarantee will be connecting are the deluxe rooms so that is what we have reserved. If I find out that I can get the regular rooms that are connecting I would opt to save the $40/night (would be $129 per room a night Entertainment Card rate vs $149/ per room).
Just a comment about the room key for FOTL. Everyone doesn't have to have one. Just 1 key required for your'e party.

We were just there with 3 kids&me &dh each had a key so if we split up we both had FOTL. No problems.
I just booked 4 nights at 129 per night with the Entertainment Card discount. This is a HUGE savings on the rack rate. This is for May.
Do not book direct, shop around......this is a savings of over 500 based on Universal Vacations rate. A
did you use to get the entertainment rate at the Hard Rock?

Please let me know.


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look for the HRH and the number is listed...i was not even a member and got that rate, as long as you have the card by the time you check in you will be ok....its well worth the $20 for the book to get those rates.....
i just got the phone and got the entertainment rate of 117.00 for 3 nites in july. 4 5 6 thanks for the tips. now to get tickets to the park!
We goit a Five Night package at the HRH through Mid-Atlantic AAA for $659.57. Includes hotel, length of stay passes to all parks (including Wet and Wild and Sea World0, one free meal, one free movie at the Cineplex, AND trip cancellation insurance! That beats the Entertainment book rate!
Be careful with Hotel reservations network. I booked thru them for our Feb trip and supposedly they did not pay the HRH! I paid $139 a night x 2 ($312) When we checked out, the HRH said HRN did not pay them. HRH gave me a better rate of $119 and charged my card. They said I should call HRN for a refund. When I called, I was told that they needed my cc company to fax them my statement and they would refund my $$ when they see I was double billed. 10 days later I called to see if they had credited the refund and was told it was the HRH problem and to call them. HRN was NOT going to give me a dime. I am now disputing the $312 charge with my cc company.

Now, this might have been the HRH mess, I don't know. But, I'm not happy with HRN becauset they said they would refund my $$ during the first phone call. Then on the second phone call, they pretty much told me tough cookies. If it was the HRH mess, then HRN should have been able to get their $$ back and credit my card. Instead they are putting the whole thing back on me.
I got 149.50 a night the last week of november for a deluxe room with the entertainment card.


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