Happy Haunts, October 2021 Exercise Challenge

  • piglet1979

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    Mar 18, 2015
    Oct 12 -- 20
    Oct 13 -- 15
    Oct 14 -- 0
    Oct 15 -- 37
    Oct 16 -- 30
    Oct 17 -- 30

    Total -- 502/930

    We are done to only one kids activity now. Soccer ended for both kids this weekend. This frees up every night but Tuesday and Fridays. Marching band will end at most in a few weeks, maybe sooner. They have one more regular season game and then the playoffs. Then all activities but horseback riding once a week for DD and karate once a week for DS.
  • Raya

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    Apr 24, 2008
    Good morning to all our Happy Haunts! Ljcrochet is the first to hit the 90% mark! Great work! Other big wins this morning - Piglet1979, PollyannaMom, Sophy1996 all hit above the 50% line. As a team we're at 52%!

    I haven't been contributing much to that team umber - my boss quit with no notice so no workouts here, just work - I feel pretty lost in the woods, which reminds me of a great Disney Halloween tradition I can't wait to try:

    ‘Return To Sleepy Hollow’ at Disney’s Fort Wilderness

    This event showcases the Headless Horseman - known affectionately as Headless, and lets folks get up close and personal. It included a special viewing of the film at Fort Wilderness, a limited edition pin, and a chance to take a photo with Headless and his horse. VIP tickets also included a dessert buffet. First put on in 2017, the show came back in 2018 and has disappeared since. The offerings were sold out, so there's always hope we'll see it again.

  • Raya

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    Apr 24, 2008
    Hello there everyone! Today I want to talk about the Halloween tree at Disneyland:

    Ray Bradbury - the famous SciFi author who gave us Fahrenheit 451 - wrote a short story about the tree. He met Disney in the 1960s, and shared his SciFi expertise to create attractions like Spaceship Earth. Which isn't nearly as Halloween-y as the movie he made with Disney - Something Wicked This Way Comes.

    Compared to that movie the story of the Halloween tree is pretty tame. Friends go trick'or'treating, one gets lost, they find him. Along the way the kids learn about Halloween. Perfect for a Not-So-Scary Halloween night. There are actually four other Halloween trees, but we'll talk about them later this week....

    Welcome to Elizabeth Smith! She's newly joined and already at 67%!
    Sophy1996 went up to 78% putting her at wicked witch green.
    BonnieF made it to 50% and joined Pollyanna Mom at candy apple red.
    Great work everyone!