Happy Haunts, October 2021 Exercise Challenge


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Apr 24, 2008
Congratulations everyone! We ended up the month exceeding our goals as a team, and some very cool totals for everyone:
piglet1979, Twilight Sparkle, sophy1996, ljcrochet all made it to Haunted Mansion Purple! In fact everyone one of them gave more than 100%. Great work!
PollyannaMom and Elizabeth Smith were right on their heels, and BonnieF made a strong showing despite challenges. Congrats everyone!

Halloween is the biggest holiday of the year for me, and I'm grateful to all of you for helping me celebrate it. I'm pleasantly worn out, trying to muster up the energy to open the last of Halloween cards (got 24 this year) and take down the black Halloween tree (with Madam Leota tree topper of course). Did someone start up the November thread yet? Cause I need to get back on top of that... after a nice nap. :faint: