Got my Official Welcome Package too!


DVC Member/VWL 2001
May 12, 2000
Well, it was Christmas at our house today also. We got our official welcome note, our tote bag and membership cards.

I just booked our first stay on points...4 nights at Hilton Head during our school break in early November. We just couldn't wait until next year!

It will really be a reality when I start making my payments next month though;)
Congratulations and Welcome Home!!!!!!!!

(I'd add some clip art but haven't figured it out yet) LOL!
Congrats and Welcome Home

Can't wait until we get ours!!!
Welcome home, Tricia!

I LOVE those packets from Disney. My family knows what a nut I am, and they always wait to let me open any Disney stuff. Then they tease me about my 'happy dance'. ;)
Just want to say congradulations. I share in your Christmas excitement feeling. Our package arrived yesterday too.

Welcome Home.
Isn't it the best! We just received ours yesterday- actually it's tote bag #3 we got one last year when we "almost" bought and chickened out (darn) and got #2 when we went down to join - but this one is bigger and better than the others! No license plates though...:jester:

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