Got my HRH confirmation letter today in the mail...


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Jul 13, 2000

I'm going December 1 and 2 and got the confirmation letter today. Just thought I'd mention it here as I've seen post about this in the recent past.

I was pretty surprise as I thought I'd get something closer to my check in day.
I too was shocked to see a confirmation letter from Portofino Bay after hearing many say they never received anything. I booked through Loews Hotels, how about the rest of you who received confirmation letters?

I made reservations sometime around the first of february thru Loews Hotels and I just got the confirmation letter today. They have all the correct info on it, although they did omit our loews first numbers. Not sure if I should call the hotel and have them add them now or wait till we get there. Any suggestions on which way is better for getting an upgrade?

I did mine through Universal, not Loews. Mine did not have my Loews number on it either.

Now I'm hearing if you stay at HRH you can't use the Loews card. Hope that's not true.


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