Give me your ideas for new rides in Marvel

Zeke Draven

Apr 28, 2001
Hey guys, I'm a big comic book freak, so that makes Marvel one of my favorite islands. I want to know from all of you, what kind of rides do you want to see in MSHI? My idea, I would like to see a wooden roller coaster, based on Wolverine from the X-Men, and called the same. The theming around it could be like the canadian wilderness. Maybe base the story on a fight between Wolverine and Sabertooth in a forest. You would pass by animatronics of them battling it out. Maybe a scene of them knocking each other into the supports, so the ride will start shaking like the whole thing was ready to come down. They could even place it in the areas behind Spiderman and Dr. Doom(if an area there even exists) so as not to mess with the Marvel skyline. Sure. I'm dreaming, but I didn't ask for reality here, even if it would be really cool.

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Is there space on MSH Island for another ride?


Barry Hom
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Yes, there is some room left on Marvel.

There's actually a pretty big plot of land behind Doctor Doom and Storm Force. Best way to get a view of this area is from the back side of Doctor Doom's East tower - or to "peek" through the gates to the right of the Accelatron.

But - don't even think that this will be coming any time soon. Marvel gets enough traffic early in the day (while the rest of the park sits empty) that the goal is to pull people to the back of the park in the morning - away from Marvel. Honestly, a big reason Storm was added was to give the little ones something to do while the big kids rode Hulk and Doom.

Besides, I don't think that the Superhero techs are wanting to give up their trailer space anytime soon! :rolleyes:
i seen that room left on my park map i had and i was wondering about it i also think that they should hold off for a little on a new marvel attraction only my opinion.
I wouldnt mind an Avengers ride, not sure what kind though :-/, but NOT a merry go round shaped like Captain America's shield.

Silver Surfer is one of my faves, they could have an indoor coaster ala Space Mountain....and how cool would that be to have a huge 100 foot animatronic of Galactus on the ride?....zooming past him, only getting glimpses each time.

And of course, i would love a Green Goblin ride....but not like that will happen. But i'll piss myself if they do a Spidey rehab and make Hydro Man into Sandman (haha, sand in the riders' eyes) and turn Hobby into ole' Norm......also..they need to totally cut out Scream...replace her with someone respectable.

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I think originaly it was supposed to be Venom, but they pulled that idea and put scream in instead. If you remeber some of the original "Are you ready" comercials, I believe Venom was in one of them. Not sure, but I think so.

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When I first heard they were building an island based on marvel, I wanted to see an x-men ride. I love the x-men, and with the movie in production at the time, i figured the ride would draw alot of attendance (despite the fact the film is fox). I envisioned a simulator ride, maybe based on the blackbird with all kinds of interactive effects, and an x-men themed playroom (danger room) at the end of the ride. That never happened, so the best x-men alternative is storm force. yeah.


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