gas prices?


Jun 28, 2000
What are the current gas prices for gas around wdw? I'm trying to decide whether or not to let the rental co. fill it up for 1.60/gal. Last time I didn't and pd 1.58 Thanks for any info.

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Aug 18, 1999
We filled up Friday at the station beside BWV. It was $1.58 a gallon (I think.) So I would say just let the rental company fill it - be a lot less hassle! Enjoy your trip!


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Feb 29, 2000
Rental agencies often do not charge what gas stations charge, they should say in your contract how much they will charge you if you return your car with less gass than when you pick it up, the last time I rented one last year, my price was over $3.00 a gallon when gas was only $1.70
Look at your contract and the decide if you can spare 5 minutes at the gas station or if you want to pay for them to get it for you.


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Mar 23, 2000
Last November, we filled up on the way to the airport, outside of WDW, and squeezed every last drop we could into the gas tank so that it would still read "full". Just take note of all the gas stations on your way from the airport, so you will know where the last possible one is before you return the car. We took the south exit to Hwy. 417 to Hwy. 536 and I saw another gas station at the Home Depot exit reasonably close to MCO, so if you go that route from the airport, you might want to keep an eye out for that gas station. We will go to that one the next time we rent a car, it's closer than the one we used.

We drove down this March and paid 1.379 in Kissimmee and 1.369 in Wildwood, Florida. I believe I saw it was about 1.639 in WDW!


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Aug 23, 2000
Well it will depend on where you fill your tank. Current prices in the Kissimmee area are appr. $1.349 but if you do it up at crossroads or in WDW you can pay up to $1.699 (this was just the other night price). The going rate around the Orlando area is anywhere between $1.329 to $1.459...the higher being over by Universal or Sea World.

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