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Earning My Ears
May 23, 2000
Has anyone recently returned from FW and have an update on the cabins/homes? I was wondering if there are any loops that have not beed renovated. And which loops to request. We are leaving on the 4th of April. My daughter has a broken leg, so we would like to be close to the transportation.
Hi rio,
I haven't been to FW since Nov so I don't know how far along the renovations are, maybe someone else does. As far as your loop location--I think you should call or fax FW and explain to them that your daughter has a broken leg and ask if they would be able to assign you a cabin in a convenient location. The phone # is 407-824-2900 and the fax # is 407-824-3508.
I hope everything works out well. Have a fun trip!
Hi Rio, sorry to hear abput your daughters leg. We returned from WDW from a trip that went from MArch 15th to March 24th. While we spent only one night at FW, the 19th, all we saw were cabins, no homes. Albeit, we did NOT go through every single loop. When we called for ressies in August, they told us that there would be no more homes after February.

On the bus ride from FW to FWL we did see a glimpse of both cabins and homes on flat beds off to the right in a clearing in the woods. It looked like this is where they were parking the conversion items. I tried to snap a photo, but never did have my camera ready the two times we passed it.

You may want to consider renting a golf cart to get around with you daughters condition. Maybe even ask them to throw it in for your stay. I couple of years ago my oldest boy came down with the stomach flue for two days. My wife stayed with him in the cabin, while I took the youngest boy out. My wife called the FW front desk once, asking if someone could bring up some soup from the Trails End Buffet, as the boy was starting to get his appetite back. 15 minutes later, someone knocked on the door with a quart of chicken soup and some rolls. They refused a tip, and said there was no charge for the food for sick children. They even called back the next morning to see if he was doing better, and asked if there is anything else we might need !

Needless to say, the magic is always the most memorable part of any stay.


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Contact the resort ahead of time and request an accessible cabin, with ramp instead of just stairs to the entry deck. Also, ask about the use of a resort wheelchair. They may loan you one for the length of your stay. You could fold it up when the buses arrive so you wouldn't even have to wait for the accessible buses. And it will keep her from getting too fatigued just from the traveling between the resort and the parks, as well as the lines. If you find it more trouble than it's worth, just leave it in your room. Have a fun trip anyway!!! :)


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