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Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by lindsey, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. lindsey

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    Aug 3, 2002
    How does ME work for pickup back to the airport?
    we will be arriving 01/10 - staying at POP in two rooms for three days, then moving offsite for a week, then back to Disney for last night and ME. I thought the cabins would be good because there are six of us, and we plan to go back to MK on that last day.
  2. Brocktoon

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    May 5, 2006
    The ME drop off and pick-up location is outside the check-in building at the main entrance (near the parking lot). Just like the other resorts, you just need to be at the pick-up location by the recommended perscribed time. You may also want check at the Fort desk during check-out and let them know you're there for ME bus pick-up.

    If you're heading to the park that day, I think you can also leave your luggage at the front desk that morning for pick-up ... not 100% on that though
  3. jayhawk74

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    Dec 2, 2011
    You can arrange with the front desk for a van to pick you up at the cabin and bring you and your bags to the Outpost where ME will pick you up. I'm not sure how far in advance you can check your luggage at the RAC but you most likely could do it before you went to the MK.
  4. TheRustyScupper

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    Aug 8, 2000
    . . . RAC is open 5:30am-1:00pm
    . . . you drop off luggage
    . . . they can print the boarding pass or you do it ahead of time
    . . . they need to see the reservation for the luggage tag
    . . . if you must pay for checked luggage, go down the day before to pay
    . . . then, drop off luggage the day of the flight
    . . . if you can't drop off during counter times, take the luggage on the bus
    . . . you can check it yourself at the airport
    . . . in the mean time, Bell Service can store your luggage

    . . . you can do this, but it makes no difference
    . . . DME does not check-in with the front desk for passengers
    . . . if you are not at the bus stop at the schedule time, you miss the bus
    . . . if missed, there is no telling when the next bus will come
    . . . you might miss your plane
    . . . bus pickups are routed for twice per hour (eg. 6:10 and 6:40am)
    . . . but, they only come when there are guests scheduled to airport
    . . . you cannot jump on a bus dropping off guests from the airport
    . . . if missed, they sometimes can get a bus for the next normal sched time
  5. lindsey

    lindsey DIS Veteran

    Aug 3, 2002
    Thank for the info. I was hoping that we could schedule a van to pick us up with luggage. Now I just need to make the reservation!

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