FW Cabin Question


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Apr 28, 2001
My family and I will be staying at the cabins next year and I am wondering what area is the best to request. I'm not sure if we will be able to afford to rent a golf cart yet, so how is the internal bus service?Also if you have any other suggestions to make our stay there great I surely would apreciate it. We chose this resort because of the size (2 adults 4 kids 13,13,9,7) and the fact that I hear it's like having 2 vacations in 1. Thanks for your help.:bounce:
Let me begin by saying "You are going to LOVE the cabins at FW"!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the only place I can get my kids to talk about staying at when we visit WDW. They love everything about FW. My kids are -- DD/11, DS/5 and DD/3.
There is just so much to do. We almost always rent a golf cart for out transportation but we have occassionally used the buses. Never had a problem. The bus drivers have always been willing to answer our questions if we were not sure which bus to use.
Your kids are older than mine, but I truly believe they will enjoy everything FW offers. There are basketball courses, tennis courses, 2 pools, an area to play volleyball, bike/hiking trails, boating and so much more.
There is also an arcade at Trail's End. We like to watch the MK fireworks from the beach, stop by the Tavern and order a carryout pizza and play in the arcade while waiting on the pizza.

As for a particular loop to stay on---they are all pretty much convenient to the bus stops. It wouldn't hurt though to ask for a cabin near the beginning or near the end of the loop. That way you will not have much of a walk to the bus stops.

One other suggestion--we always like to eat breakfast in the cabin most mornings. I usually get up earlier than everyone else, so I fix breakfast. While everyone eats, I get ready and then the bathroom is free for the person who finishes eating first and so on.

I hope this helps and that your family has a magical vacation!!!!!!!!:p
Really, you will. We stayed in the cabins and homes 5 times before we bought a motorhome and always loved them! The bus transportation is fine--each loop of cabins has its own busstop and the walk to it isn't too long. The transportation guide tells you how to get to all the areas of the world, and the route around FW is very easy to figure out. The golf carts are a lot of fun, too, though. We always reserved/rented one for the 'down' day in FW. For years the kids remembered that as their favorite ride! The Cabins have their own pool, so if you'll spend a lot of time there you may want to request being close to the pool. It never hurts to ask to be close to the bus stop, either.

Holler if you have any more questions!

Pool in the Cabins area is downfor rehab. We arrived today to find this out. I was not pleased as we hadto discover this ourselves. Meadows is open but that is a hassle to get to. :( :(

You are going to love the cabins! We stayed in loop 2600 and it was right next to a bus stop.
The internal bus system is really good. The only complaint we had was that the only direct bus
was to AK and Blizzard Beach. Otherwise, you will take a Boone bus to TTC and then get a bus to
Epcot or Downtown Disney. You can take a boat to MK from the FW marina. The boat ride is
very nice.

Your kids will love FW. I know mine did and with the size of your family (we had five - three teenagers
- DH and myself) we loved the extra room in the cabins!!:)
We stayed in cabins on the 2500 loop in Dec 1999 and Nov 2000. This loop is across from the bus stop and next to the laundry and cabin pool. We loved it !



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