Free Dining...please explain !!??

Discussion in 'UK Trip Planning Forum' started by scotlass, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. scotlass

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    Jul 21, 2007
    We can only afford every two years .

    I would eat beans N toast all year,stick it on the never never and go every year but ( thankfully) DH is a wee bit more practical.

    BUT we are just back from our best trip EVERY and I think DH might just be tempted for 2010 !!

    He has mentioned the free dining but I dont know the in's and out's and where's and when's.

    If I was armed with the info you never know what could happen !! ;)

  2. orangetiggs

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    Oct 18, 2006
    basically its free food depending on what hotel you stay at

    mod hotels (POFQ, POR, CBR, CSR) get the counter service plan which entitles you to 2 counter services meals and a snack and a refillable mug i think per person per night of your stay

    deluxe hotels get the regualr dining plan which is what we got this year and thats 1 counter service, 1 table serivice and 1 snack per person per night of your stay

    we paid extr to upgrade from the counter service to the regular plan this year as we stayed at port orleans

    Next year we are doing the 47% off saratoga springs and have the free regualr dining plan included

    this is the list of places you could eat this year on the plan
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  4. wayneg

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    Jul 24, 2003
    You also need to stay between 1st Aug~18th Nov & buy minimum 5 day park tickets
    Info here also do a different free DDP offer. Last time you could stay in a value, get regular DDP only have to buy a 1 day ticket. Different dates to UK.
  5. disneyholic family

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    Jan 31, 2002
    yes, DD did the american version of the free dining plan, which you can get at or call disney in the US directly - which is what i did. I called the US disney reservation number to get the US version of the free dining plan.
    On that one, you can stay at a value resort and get the regular plan - 1 table service meal, 1 counter service meal and a snack per person, per day.
    On that one, you only have to buy a 1 day ticket per person...
    which is what i did, and then i bought the 14 day ultimate ticket from attraction tickets direct in the UK (much better tickets than are available in the US).
    So basically, i ended up throwing away that 1 day ticket, but it was worth it.
    I don't know if the US will still offer the regular plan at value resorts next year (i.e., including table service).

    the problem with the US free dining plan - it usually only goes on offer in april of the same year (whereas i believe the UK free dining plans are offered a full year in advance)...

    by the way, if buying through the UK, check out the price for Old Key West - it's really good value with the free dining when they offer it at 47% off (which i think they are again).
  6. 2Tiggies

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    Sep 21, 2009
    If you go with US booking check your exchange rates too. It is easy to convert to the £ value when you make the booking, but if you are going to pay it off over a period of time make sure you allow for fluctuations (which could be good or bad...).

    BTW, welcome back. Are we going to get a trip report?
  7. DISWolves

    DISWolves Dreams really can come true !!!!

    May 26, 2007
    I took advantage of this for next August, when Wayne posted it a few weeks ago :thumbsup2

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