Four Go Wild in Florida - Day 1 'Flying High'




Hello America. I'm an 'odd' Englishman that's been asked to post his peculiar trip reports (from the UKDis)for your entertainment.

Unfortunately, I can't post the whole reports as your limit of 10,000 is a bit restrictive to me art! Some editions are 35,000 words!

Here's a glimse of what 'me drivel' is all about -
Day 1 .........
Woke at 5.17 and started pottering about doing whatever it is I do whenever we go on holiday. Don’t know what it is but it takes a long time. Doesn’t matter how early I get up, doing whatever it is always takes 15 minutes longer than I’ve got before we are due to leave.
Sure enough, me mate, John, arrived to drive our car back from the airport . He’s 5 minutes early and I’m still wandering around doing whatever it is I do but not knowing how long it’s going to take coz I don’t know what I’m doing.
Now. I’ve hidden this from you up till now, but I get a bit stressed the morning of a holiday. Deep breaths, whoa, finish packing the car - that’s what I was doing ; putting the cases in, no room for holdalls, take the cases out and try them on their side, still no room so take them out again and try them on their backs.Even less room, so take them out again - we’re going to miss the plane! Should have told John to come 30 minutes earlier. Put them back the first way and glared at the holdalls until they cowered into position - that’s better. All happy now? So we’ll begin. And off we go.
John asks if he should drive. Heck, No! I'm in enough of a state without having to criticise his driving all the way to Newcastle Airport.It’s a 35 minute journey. 7am in the morning, no traffic, should be a doddle. Approaching the Western Bypass (a notorious traffic jam magnet , hence setting off 30 minutes earlier than needed) I started to panic. What if they all decide to go to work early? Should have told John to come an hour earlier! We get past the bypass without a hitch and head onto towards the airport - just another 10 minutes driving. I’ve forgotten the way ! What if I miss the turning? Is this the right road? Should have let John drive. Should have set off last night.
Arrived at the airport refreshed and raring to go. I’m such a cool traveller, planning ahead always pays off ! Oh, by the way, Valerie,Gary and Julie were there as well but I didn’t have time to ask them to recount their holiday memories. Anyway, you’d all be bored silly! .....................

Coming into Sanford, we were 10 minutes early. We passed the airport and banked. Looked at the airport through the right window and banked, looked at the airport through the left window. Round and round we went. I was convinced he was burning fuel to make a crash landing. Wish John had made me stop at home.

Next time we’ll be getting off the plane! Join us as we brave Immigration and the dreaded disinfection area. Gasp, as I keep me cool in a non-moving check in queue at the Airtours desk and marvel at the way I resist all attempts to upgrade the car!

Visit here for the story of our flight

Day 1 - 'Flying high..'


<font color=red>Dave (SD)</font>
OMG. ROTFL. :jester: I have to stop reading this. I am at work and on my lunch, but I am laughing out loud and the people in my cube farm are wondering if I am losing my mind. Bookmarked and saved for later at home.

Thanks for sharing these.

These are brilliant reports Dave - they should be made mandatory reading for anyone wanting to know what us Brits are really like!!

Looking forward to the rest of your reports!

Absolutely hilarious trip reports. Really was ROTFLOL! My mother-in-law was an English war bride (from Sutton Coldfield) served in London during the war where my father-in-law was one of the Americans working on breaking the German codes. She has family still in England & we have visited a few times. Never forget our first driving experience, everything was okay until we headed into our first roundabout, going roundabout the wrong way of course!
I'm sitting here, splitting my sides laughing! You sound just like me before a vacation. :D
Hi Dave, great storytelling.
I remember a spottydog from UK that was in the Y! garden chat rooms. Could you be one in the same?
Dave A


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