Flying & Pin Experiences?


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Nov 22, 1999
I am curious about recent experiences that people are having for flying with their Disney pins. On our last two trips, my pin bag was searched VERY thoroughly in Chicago but allowed to go through without a second glance on the Orlando end. I am wondering if this is a typical experience...maybe they are just very used to the pins in Orlando?! In Chicago, both times they have called a supervisor to give the okay for me to carry it on.
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We flew to WDW a few weeks after the tragedy and I had a feeling my pins would be a problem for security; so I locked them up in my checked luggage. I usually carry on anything that is valuable to me; but I did make sure there was a good lock on the suitcase (not those little flimsy ones that come with some luggage sets).
I've flown a couple of times since Sept. I've packed my pins in my luggage with no problem. However, others have flown and carried on their pins with no problem. Check the collectors board and you'll find several posts.

By the way - we are having a pin meet on Sunday, Feb. 3 at 11:00am at Gurnee Mills Food Court (the Dine-O-Rama).

I have an email list of people interested in hearing about local pin meets. Email me if you are interested.

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Small must live quite near us! We are in Tinley Park, right near the World Music Theater. We probably can't make it this weekend, but please email if there are any
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