Float Riding??? Anyone??


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Jan 9, 2001
Can anyone tell me who to call, where to go, to get to be float riders?

We are staying at HRH on 3/1 & 3/2. I would like to get to ride on a float.

Other posts have mentioned on-site guests being able to do this. Is there a phone number to call ahead of time? Should I just wait and ask at the front desk when we checked in?

I just called the front desk and the woman I spoke with didn't have a clue about anything. She said she had to transfer me to the concierge, then I got disconnected.
We would like to know too! Thanks for asking. Let us know if you find out any info, please.
Unfortunately this is one area where it does not help to be an onsite guest. You hopefully will be able to ride if you don't mind spending an hour or so to wait for tickets. when we were there we had to wait at the Lost and Found window which is to the right as you walk through the turnstiles at Universal. They will distribute numbered tickets for standby at 4:00. I had heard and it worked for me that if you are in the beginning of the line you will get purple tickets which mean you are automatically on the float. I got on line at 3:00 pm and we were 2nd, 3rd, and 4th people. The other 2 arrived at 2:50. No one else came till about 3:15 and by 3:30 a lot of people were in line. There is no guarantee of how many purple tickets Julia will have that day but I think she had about 24 that day. If you do get a standby number you still have a good chance of getting on if you have a low number but it is not guaranteed. Either way you have to wait at Wild Wild WEst by 7:20 pm. Left for purple tickets (by Jaws) and to the right for standby. It was well worth it for us. To be safe I would call guest relations or stop by the Lost and found window the day you are planning to do it. They had a sign up the days I checked telling you to come at 4:00 for standby distribution. A couple of other things:
You must be 48" tall and they do measure.
You must be over 18 or accompanied by an adult.
You must have all of your party there to get the tickets. You cannot ask for more. If you are not there you do not get a ticket.
Any questions please ask.
PS We waited twice and both times we got purple tickets.
Thanks for that info. Since only 1 child is over 48", I guess I'll forget the whole thing. Wouldn't want to open up that can of worms ;)


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