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Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by ourtrip, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. ourtrip

    ourtrip Earning My Ears

    Feb 6, 2009
    First I am so glad to be here. This website has so much information. (I posted this somewhere else on the board but I can't find it to move it here)

    We are planning a trip to WDW Sept 30 - Oct 4. It is our first trip - DH, DS (5) and me. We will be arriving late on Sept 30 so we plan to purchase park tickets just for Oct 1 - 4. We will be flying in and using the Mouse bus service.

    Now on to the questions.
    1.) Is it really worth it to purchase the meal plan? We like to snack during the day and have a big supper.

    2.) I received a 40% coupon on select hotels for this year but I am not sure which hotels. We would like to stay somewhere nice and close to the parks. But more than likely end up at the all stars. How long does it take to ride the bus to the parks magic kingdom & animal kingdom?

    3) Or if we don't get the meal plan, would it be better to stay at a suite and get groceries from a local store?

    Thanks a bunch.
  2. Disney Crazy Debbie

    Disney Crazy Debbie DIS Veteran

    Jan 2, 2006
    If you are staying at the All-Stars, the time to each park will vary because the value resorts are the furtherest away from the MK but close to the AK. Did you get a vacation package or just reserved rooms? If you are snackers, then I would consider the simplest meal addition to your ticket because, for me, I like having everything paid for before I arrive and all I have to do is worry about spending money. Just relax and have fun, after all you are going to the happiest place on earth!
  3. tnkr mom

    tnkr mom DIS Veteran

    Feb 1, 2007
    Welcome, and congrats on your first trip!!! Depends how much time you will be in resort, if you are, LIKE US; are never at the resort and always at the parks; then the resort is not that important, since there are 3 of you. The code is likely for the value resorts. You could save abit there and forgo the Dining plan.
    We rarely swim (and I wont do public hot tubs) and spend every waking minute in the parks until they kick us out and then we head to DTD! I dont like to cook at Disney or vaca anywhere for that matter! I have always felt for the 5 of us the dining plan is a great value especially since we like at least 1 character meal a day. If your little guy is not a big eater, you could likely go without. I must admit there are mornings I would love to stay in my robe and do a bagel in the room - instead of inline at a restaurant - then head STRAIGHT for the buses!!!!LOL!!!!!!! Have a great time and let us know what you decide!!!!!!
  4. daisygirl902

    daisygirl902 DIS Veteran

    Feb 5, 2009
    Pop Century s our family favorite - it's so awesome - I'm 31 and it makes me feel like a kid to stay at Pop! I highly recommend the DDP. It is a worthwhile investment if you like to eat light for lunch and have a good sit down dinner in the evenings. Although the lunch isn't always light (as each meal comes with dessert):rotfl:

    Enjoy the trip! If you need any advice as to where to eat and such just ask! Some of us consider ourselves DisFood Experts :)

    SIMMSMOUSE Mouseketeer

    Sep 11, 2008
    I stayed at POP in Sept of 08 it was great and the busses were very efficient. Food court was good too. Love those Mickey Waffels. DDP is offered in late Aug and Sept for free most years so good luck.:wave2:

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