Earning My Ears
Mar 11, 2016
Hello, my wife and I are planning our first trip to Tokyo Disney (likely in April)

I am looking for some help with getting from the airport to the hotel. We are likely staying at the Hilton or Sheraton

I've read that the limo buses are the best option, and we will take that if we get there at the appropriate time.

I want to have a back up plan in case we end up getting there too late to take the bus.

What is the best way to get to Disney land by Train?

I started reading into this but am having a tough time decyphering the routes...

Any help is appreciated



DIS Veteran
May 1, 2014
I stayed at the Sheraton and was arrived at the airport too late for the shuttle and ended up taking a taxi. It was on the expensive side, but we didn't want to deal with the train when we got in.

Agent 86

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Jul 31, 2013
We normally get the train. It can be a little tricky buying train tickets into Tokyo, but nothing too bad.

Then we change lines at Tokyo station for Disneyland's station.

It will probably take a while. And it can be a little confusing. It can also be tiring if you're carrying a lot of luggage around the airport, around Tokyo station (when changing lines, which can be a good 10 to 15 minute walk within the station which is like an underground city) and then possibly to the Hilton or Sheraton (if you don't take the monorail).

It might depend upon how long your flight is and how keen you and your wife are to dive headfirst into using the public transport, especially if it is your first trip to Japan.


Earning My Ears
Jun 19, 2010
I opted to use the Bus (which they call a limo bus). It was cheaper than the train I believe, for two of us I think it was 3600 yen. If you are flying into Narita, as we did, we just asked some one for bus to disneyland. The people working at the airport do not have perfect English, but enough to understand with no problems. I also asked another worker for the PO Box and he directed me with no problem. The limo bus does stop running at 6pm, so it depends on when you arrive I guess. I found this easier than trying to navigate the trains with your luggage. The only downside is that the bus does take a bit longer b/c they stop at EVERY hotel before finally arriving last at the Hilton Tokyo bay...

FYI, i was just there two weeks ago.

Princess Madeleine

Earning My Ears
Jul 22, 2018
Flying into Narita? I mapped the train route last week for our upcoming trip. We plan to take the N'EX train to Tokyo station, transfer to the Keiyo line and exit at Maihama (TDR's station). Supposedly, you can buy N'EX tickets in advance (40 days ahead?), so look into that. That seemed to be the path of least resistance to me.

gelatoni fan

Mar 18, 2018
If the limo bus isn't operating from Narita, I recommend taking the Narita Express and then the Keiyo line to Maihama since the platforms are in the same part of Tokyo Station. There are cheaper options but they involve confusing transfers which can be stressful if you have never been to Tokyo before.

There isn't a easy way to get from Haneda to Tokyo Disneyland outside of limo bus operating hours but the fastest is to take a train to Takaracho and then walk to Hatchobori station which is on the Keiyo line. Right after customs, you can buy a Pasmo card to use for the subway at the Tourist Info Center in the arrival lobby.

I use an app called Japan Travel by Navitime to find my way around the public transportation system.


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