First Timers Report Day 7 - Shopping and Pleasure Island

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  1. LouiseB

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    Jan 18, 2002
    The Crew:
    Paul (31), loves his gadgets, aka young man (!)
    Louise (39), planner extraordinaire, aka old girl

    Sunday, April 28th

    As we had been having a pretty hectic time up until now, we decided to slow things down a bit and take a much needed retail therapy break today. By the time we eventually hauled ourselves out of bed, got ready and had breakfast out on the balcony as usual, it was well past 11am. Something very odd is happening though – last night we did some washing in the machine and then tumble dryed it and my shorts seem awfully tight this morning, I think that machine must have shrunk them! Funny that ultra-slim Paul’s shorts haven’t shrunk though!! I’m sure it can’t be anything to do with all those burgers I’ve eaten!

    Anyway, eventually we head out to Florida Mall. Paul wants some new Carharrt jeans and Sears stock them so we head there first but unfortunately the smallest size they have is 34” waist and he is only a 30”, so he’s out of luck there. I want some new sunglasses, which Paul has said he will buy as my birthday present and also I want to try and find some cashmere jumpers. On the way to Saks, we pass a sunglass shop where they are not all locked away so I could try on sunglasses to my heart’s content, except that I couldn’t decide which ones I liked. Had a look around Saks but couldn’t find any cashmere jumpers. Oh dear, we aren’t doing too well today. Then passed a sunglass booth in one of the aisles, and the girls on the stall must have been bored because they got out every pair of sunglasses they had for me to try on. I tried on some nice Gucci ones which were $132, which the girls then reduced to $125, but I still wasn’t sure!

    We were getting a bit hungry, so we went to Subway in the food court. I’m a creature of habit, so had a 6” tuna sub again, Paul had a 6” club sub and a coke, and we each had a cookie, cost $9. I then decided to go back to the first sunglass shop, to see if they had the same Gucci glasses as the stall, and check out the price. They didn’t have the Gucci ones, but they had some really nice black RayBans for $119. But, of course, I had to go back to the stall to check if they had the RayBans and at what price! Paul loves shopping, in fact even more than me, but he was getting a bit bored with sunglasses by now! So, back to the stall, and they had the RayBans but in brown not black, also for $119, but the girls were pleased to see us back and said that they were bored, so we got a 10% discount. Now happy that I had my new sunglasses, we had a quick wander round some of the other shops and headed back to the car.

    We called in to CompUSA and Best Buy on the way back, as Paul was looking for some boring techie stuff and I just wandered around behind him! He bought a memory stick case and a camera bag that would hold the digital camera, his SLR and his latest toy camcorder, but was smaller than the rucksack we have been using – cost $44.98 for just that! Gadgets and their accessories are an expensive hobby! We wanted to go to Pleasure Island this evening so we needed to buy tickets. We stopped at one place where tickets were advertised and went inside this ‘tourist shop’ and walked straight out again as it looked like a cross between a 50p shop and a jumble sale – not that I frequent 50p shops, you understand! We drove a bit further down the 192, and saw the next discount ticket sign. This one looked much better, it was called Billy Boys, and I recognised the name from my various research on the net, so we bought our PI tickets there. We picked up the photos from Walgreens that we had dropped off the previous evening and went back to the condo for a rest before we headed out for the evening.

    We arrived at Pleasure Island at about 8.45pm and decided to go to the Rainforest Café straight away to see if we could get a table. The next table was available at 9.40, so we had a look around Disney at Home and the big Disney store, whose name escapes me, and saw loads of really good stuff to buy, but by this time, our table was ready. We were seated immediately in the Gorilla Room, and it was great. Paul had a Rainforest burger with coke, and I had a Brave New World Pizza with an oreo smoothie, which was very nice indeed – cost $33.82 plus tip. We were sat by an enormous fish tank with some really beautiful and unusual fish. I found it a bit cold, so it was just as well that I took my jumper!

    When we had finished, we had a look around some more of the shops. In Art of Disney, we saw a nice print that we liked but they didn’t have any in stock, and went back again to the big Disney shop whose name escapes me, and by this time it was 11pm and the shops were closing so we got kicked out, without any purchases! We decided we would definitely come back again because we could buy all our presents from here.

    I wanted to go to the Adventurer’s Club so we headed to the turnstiles. I got through OK but Paul got asked for ID. So I said to the assistant that I must look old, and she replied that I looked about 26! As this is now the second time someone has said that, I now think that this is their kind way of telling people that they look like they’re knocking on! Went into the Adventurer’s Club and had a good laugh in there. We stayed there until just before midnight when we went outside to watch the fireworks and listen to the band on the stage. As the Comedy Club was immediately behind where we were standing, we decided to go there.

    A guy came on stage and said that he had to make a phone call, and whoever was sat by the phone should answer it. Well, guess what! Of course, it was me who was sat by the side of the phone that was on the wall. The spotlight was turned onto me and I picked up the phone and could hear my voice being boomed all throughout the theatre. The guy asked me all sorts of questions, firstly of course, asking where I was from. When I said England that produced a large cheer from the audience, who were probably regulars who knew what was going on! He asked what job I did, who I worked for, who I was, how we met, if I was on vacation. I corrected him and said I was on holiday!! Then, he said that his four other colleagues had been listening to all of this backstage and would now come out and do a sketch based on everything I had told them! Paul, of course, thought this was absolutely hilarious, but was kicking himself that he didn’t bring out his camcorder, as he didn’t think he would need it! I have to say, that this improv sketch they did was very clever and funny and I was pleased that I was sat near the phone!

    It was gone 1pm before we left Pleasure Island and we had a really good time. Tomorrow, we are going to be fully utilising the last day of our hopper tickets by doing three parks in one day!
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    Feb 10, 2000
    It sounds as though you had a great night at PI :) I'll have to stay awake late enough to get there one day ;)
    You could have tried putting them in the washing machine that shrank your shorts.........
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    Oct 9, 1999
    The Adventurer's Club sounded great - we popped in there last time, but nothing seemed to be happening. Maybe we will give it a try again :D

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    Jan 14, 2003
    Thanks for the wonderful report - luv reading them!!!!

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