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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by MrShiny, Feb 9, 2004.

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    Mar 9, 2001
    OK, after first hearing about the Club on our '96 trip, we finally bought in! We had stayed on rented points at BWV twice, so we familiar with it.

    Well this trip (thanks to the boards here for find the points to rent!), there was an invite in our room to tour. In return, they offered a $50 gift certificate. We had a late afternoon flight out and hadan hour or so to kill, so we did it.

    Now I had been thinking about the club for a long while, but could never bring myself to commiting. Didn't think I would this time, but once we toured the SSR model, I think we were hooked. Those are nicely appointed rooms! They offered us $10/pt. for our first year's points - which was great as we would probably not have the time to use them anyway (although we could have at Disneyland, but the $2000 is nicer).

    I do have one question - if we add on points later at another resort, what is generally the cost? Can I do this with resale points, or would I need to buy the whole other contract? Did I get it right that then you could book 11 months out at the second resort, but only the amount of points (like if I had 50 points at BCV, I could book 11 months out, but only 50 points worth)?

    See you all soon...
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    Jul 5, 2003

    Resale prices vary but are less then what disney would offer you!! If you brought add points through Disney or through resale @ another resort it would be another contract. If you added with more SSR points, I don't believe it would be another contact, not sure though.

    If you added on @ another resort (BCV), for example: You would have the 11 month booking window @ both SSR & BCV. You are right, you cannot conbine points. If you have 50 @ BCV, you can only use 50.

    Good luck!

    Allison an associate
  3. spiceycat

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    Oct 26, 2000
    ask you guide first - with DVC buying back contracts - they might have what you are looking for - for anything under a 100 points I would check with them first.

    yes - you are right you could only use your 50 points at BWV at the 11month window - but a the 7th month you can use all your points.

    most DVC members make their reservations at their home resort at the 11th month - then try to change at the 7th month.

    there are only two times when I have heard that this method did not work - Thanksgiving until dec 18 - and the two weeks of Easter.

    now I am not talking about the ones here (this includes) me who try to make a reservation in the 3 month or less time - I am only talking about the DVC member who make their home resort reservation at the 11month then tried to change at the 7th month.

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