Feeling discriminated against... :(

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    I miss this, too. There was a time when I could talk to people while in line.
    Even in the single riders lines most people immediately pull out their phones
    to avoid any contact.
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    I am sure it will all go well for you. Remember that if you want to be alone you can be, but many times if you want to talk with people all you really have to do is be the initiator. Your choice! That is what is good about traveling solo. Everything is your choice, what you ride, how many times you ride it, when you get there when you leave, where and what you eat, all that is your choice. If you want to just sit there and have a Mickey Bar or if you want to ride Spaceship Earth over and over again or the People Mover for that matter. All your choice. There are times, but, for me, very few where I think to myself... gee, it would have been nice to share that with someone, but, that feeling quickly passes.

    A lot of it is how you condition yourself to see things. For example, let's say you want to ride Winnie the Pooh. You are a grownup and the ride is more tilted toward a young person. You stand in line and start to feel self-conscious about it. You know why, being a grown up alone in a ride designed for a kid. Here's what I do, and it is more of a personal mind game. I stand in the line. I don't know the people in front of me and I don't know the people behind me. Here's the catch, they don't know either. Those in front think that I am with the group behind them and the group behind me think that I am with the group ahead. I just don't tell them any different. When I get up to where I will be boarding the ride, the CM will ask, how many. I tell them one, please and they direct me to a spot to board. At that point the group in front is occupied and concentrating on getting ready to get on the ride, the group behind is doing the same or waiting for the next turn and almost no one knows I was by myself. After the ride, who cares. Believe me with all the sensory stuff going on at WDW, no one is paying attention to little old me and they won't be concerned about you either. So no need to feel even a little self-conscious.
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    This is great...thank you so much! Next week at this time I will be on the plane!!!:thanks:
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    This is exactly what I do.
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