Feb. 5, 2005 Eastern--Sign In!

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    Nov 26, 2002
    DIS cruise #3 booked for me, DW and DS (8 and 11/12 at time of sailing!), second time on Eastern, 3rd time to St. Thomas and 4th time to St. Maarten overall. Had not yet seen a thread for this cruise, and apologize if I missed it and this is a duplicate, but wanted to start the sixteen months of anticipation! DS already feels too grown up for Oceaneers Club, so definitely had to wait until he was Oceaneers Lab eligible, and then schedule around DS baseball season and avoiding hurricane season, so 2/5/05 it shall be!

    Cat 8, #7514, first time on that side of ship after #7014 on Magic and #7004 on Wonder. Booked direct with DCL and got 50% off the full, peak vacation week fare--very happy with pricing of $2,640 for the three of us. Have been accumulating Reward Dollars as a Day 1 Charter Visa Card Holder, so that should help too toward making the final payment on 12/7/04.

    To all those sailing between now & then--take good care of the Magic for us!!

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