***Favourite and MUST DO Meals & Snacks***

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by TinkerBelle_325, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. TinkerBelle_325

    TinkerBelle_325 Canadian Disney Fan & Vlogger

    Aug 21, 2001
    Ok thought I'd start this thread because there are so many traditions that we have and many of them are meals and snacks.

    - Dinner at Le Cellier - must have the 7oz Filet, medium, with red wine reduction and herb butter, and those super yummy cream cheese mashed potatoes :) and pretzel bread of course!! Haven't tried the cheese soup yet.

    - Les Chefs de France - Lunch - French Onion Soup, Escargot, dying to try their mac and cheese :)

    - La Cantina de San Angel - Margaritas, churros and a conga for me :) (not legal drinking age in Florida but I am at home :( that sucks lol)

    - Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bars

    - Popcorn from Main Street for my Mom

    - Treats from Gooding's, Dove chocolate, Hershy assorted lil chocolate bars, jelly belly sours, little bottles of coke :)

    - Haven't tried Dole Whips, Citrus Swirls or Beaver Tails yet (yes I know I'm deprived lol)

    - Lunch at Columbia Harbour House - Chicken Strips and Fries, so simple but in my opinion they taste the best here of anywhere in WDW

    - Lunch at Flame Tree BBQ, yummy ribs and spicy onion rings

    - Dinner at Sunshine Season Food Fair, baked potatoes with cheese and bacon mmmmm and a yummy warm gooey toll house cookie

    - 50's Prime Time - Golden Fried Chicken, onion rings, chocolate shake, s'mores....need I say more? *drool*

    Ok I' sooooooo hungry now and I'm going on the south beach diet in a week LOL. Well 3 weeks till Disney, two weeks of no carbs will make everything taste that much better! :)
  2. CoolDisneyCat

    CoolDisneyCat North Carolina

    Apr 7, 2003
    Yachtsman Steakhouse - 8 oz. filet, mashed potatoes, baked garlic and butter to spread on the yummy bread .. we have eaten there on every trip since they opened

    Beaches and Cream - the best cheeseburger anywhere at WDW

    OK, I'll stop now.. I haven't had lunch!:D
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  4. barbeml

    barbeml DIS Veteran

    Sep 8, 2002
    'Ohana is our arrival day dinner. MUST have a Back Scratcher from the Tambu Lounge, then all those delicious wontons, string beans and skewered meats drenched in that awesome peanut sauce.

    MUST have a Dole Whip and a Frozen Coke in MK.

    MUST have breakfast at Kona Cafe and 100% Kona Press Pot (plus, we buy bags of Kona beans to grind and brew in our room for the rest of our stay).

    DH MUST have several Skol Brod pastries from the Kringala Bakery.

    We MUST have a pint or two at the Rose & Crown.

  5. dlbwright

    dlbwright DIS Veteran

    Apr 9, 2004
    Dole Whips at MK

    Smores - 50s Prime Time Cafe

    Those are my only two must haves right now. I did not know all the tricks the last time I went. Now that I have found out all the tricks from reading these boards, I am going to eat good next time I go! :p :p :tongue:

    Looking forward to Beaver Tails, Le Cellier, and Beaches and Cream just to name a few. :)
  6. scanne

    scanne <font color=blue>OK, I must have really small ears

    May 13, 2000
    What a fun thread! I was just thinking today about how planning where we eat is as much fun as planning on what we'll do!

    So our must-do's include:

    'Ohana - sadly, we missed this on our last trip because I was in WDW with my show choir and couldn't sneak awy to the Polynesian for a long dinner - we ended up at Kona at the last minute. But we LOVE 'ohana and I can't wait until October because that's when I'll be there again!

    Crystal Palace - we've had dinner here several times and LOVE the food and the character interaction. Next time we're planning on tring breakfast as well.

    Pecos Bills - I absolutely MUST have a cheeseburger and fries with cheese sauce to dip them in on each and every visit!

    Dole Whip - yummy!

    Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar - yummy yummy!

    Beaver Tail - this was CLOSED when we were there in February. Looks like I have a lot of eating to do in october!

    Boma - this is one of my DH's favorites, so it is on our list for either October or our July 05 trip.

    I love to find new "must-do's" and I try to taste something new on each visit!!!
  7. Eeyore2003

    Eeyore2003 DIS Veteran

    May 15, 2003
    Dinner at Le Cellier (although we have to miss it in July since I let my brother and family pick the resturants:( ) Already on the list for December though. Cheese soup with pretzel bread sticks YUM

    Lunch at Kringla Bakeri-gotta have that almond, frosting covered soft pretzel!!! will not be missing this in July!!!

    Our big discussion is whether Artist Point will be a "regular". I loved that berry cobbler.

    You can't have toooo many regulars, or you don't have time to try some new ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. luvmick

    luvmick Mouseketeer

    Apr 30, 2004
    So many, but here are a few!!:D
    Character breakfast at Cape May Cafe (great character interaction)

    Dole whip in M.K. Soooo refreshing

    Dinner at Bomas-so much to choose-and those zebra domes!!

    Tonga toast at Kona Cafe -yum

    Meal at Prime Time-have to see Mom!!

    Can't wait till next trip,getting hungry allready

    !!:Pinkbounc :bounce:

    ::MickeyMo ::MinnieMo ::MickeyMo ::MickeyMo
  9. Epcotgal8

    Epcotgal8 DIS Veteran

    Jan 2, 2003
    Throw in a a Philly cheesesteak sandwich from the Plaza Restaurant in MK, a margarita and taco salad from the Cantina in Mexico, and a pretzel from the cart in Germany in Epcot and I'm with you CoolDisneyCat!!!:Pinkbounc
  10. EmmasGrammy

    EmmasGrammy <font color=blue>To everyone else brave enough to

    Jan 27, 2004
    How about the hot dogs at Casey's in the MK.

    Best darn hot dog on the planet!!!
  11. kkmauch

    kkmauch "Kindly do not attempt to cloud the issue with fac

    Mar 24, 2004
    Our family has some traditions as well...
    Lunch at Columbia Harbor House-I always have the chicken strips and completely agree that they taste better here than anywhere else in WDW. Others get the fish and chips and the clam chowder.
    Dinner at Rose and Crown-for me it's English Pie, for others more fish and chips.
    Dole whip-many times during the entire stay, sometimes we even make a special trip just for the whip!
    Pecos Bill-not sure what the draw is here, but we always end up getting some kind of quick lunch and rootbeer floats!
    And a new tradition, started just last year, churros at the Cantina in Mexico...now I'm hungry!
  12. donac

    donac Wife, mother, math teacher, quilter

    Aug 22, 2002
    Some of our usuals are:

    Lunch in the Teppanyaki

    Burgers in Pinnocchio Haus with a table overlooking IASMW

    Dinner at Trails End We have camped the last two time I have been there so it was easy. We also went day for dinner after we spent the day at BB using one of our pluses.

    Frozen Bananas and Mickey ice creams

    Pizza in MK at the Plaza Pavillion. Open air dining overlooking the castle.

    Our new favorite is 50's Prime Time. We loved it when we went for the first time this past Aug.

    Dona :wave2: :wave:

    CRSNDSNY DIS Veteran

    Dec 4, 2002

    Must haves:

    1 - A vegan brew at Big River Brewing Co.

    2 - Stuffed tomato at 50s PTC

    3 - ANY sweet treat at Boardwalk Bakery

    4 - Bread sticks at Pizzafari

    5 - Edamame for me and veggie rolls for DH at Kimonos

    6 - A Coca Cola squishy at MGM
  14. laurabelle

    laurabelle DIS Veteran

    Feb 1, 2003
    Casey's hot dog, cheese fries, ice cold diet coke - sitting on the bleachers of course
    B&C double cheeseburger and any sundae
    Dole whip
    Mickey chocolate covered pretzel
    Popcorn w/container
    Nachos in Mexico
    Beer in the Zen garden in Japan - kaki gori for the kids
    Dessert & wine in France
    Dinner at HOB
    and of course :mickeybar
  15. GlennandAnn

    GlennandAnn <font color=9966FF>If found, please return to Boar

    Jan 22, 2001
    Great thread!! We always have to get popcorn on Main Street and people watch while we eat. Another must is snacking our way around WS in Epcot. Mickey ice cream bars are another must. I cannot forget, for DH, he requires Ringnes in mass quantities!

  16. coliebird

    coliebird <font color=red>I HAVE to sleep with socks on!<br>

    May 20, 2003
    50's Prime Time - MUST have fried cheese appetizer (it is not mozzarella sticks)

    Hamburgers and sundaes at Plaza Restaurant

    Dole Whips for my cousin, Churros for me

    New Must Haves from last trip:

    Zebra Domes
    Cheddar Cheese Soup & Pretzel Breadsticks
  17. Buzzfanmom

    Buzzfanmom Mouseketeer

    Oct 13, 2003
    Mushroom Filet, Cheddar Cheese Soup and Pretzel Breadsticks at Le Cellier.

    Yummy Dessert Cream Cheese Stuffed Pretzels at Animal Kingdom.

    Boma...mmmmm.....Boma; EVERYTHING is delicious!!!

    'Ohana - chicken wings and shrimp...and turkey and Pork and green beans and salad....its all so good!

    Caseys Hotdogs

    Margaritas at Cantina San Angel

    Beer and Brats in Germany.

    Wine, fruit and Cheese in France.

    Last but certainly not least, Fish and Chips in England!!!
  18. Mymatisse

    Mymatisse Tissey come with bow!

    Jun 13, 2002
    Must Haves:

    Funnel cake from American Pavilion

    Dos Equis and Combo platter from La Cantina

    Popcorn at MGM in front of The Great Movie Ride

    Turkey Leg at MGM

    Corn Dog on the Boardwalk

    Chicken and Hummus sandwhich from the counter service place in Moraco

    Crep from France

    I think that's it for now... uhhmmm I'm hungry just thinking about it!
  19. DVCTiff

    DVCTiff DIS Veteran

    Nov 11, 2003
    :cool1: Chocolate Wave at Coral Reef
  20. ead79

    ead79 <font color=#FF0066>Disney Bride!<br><font color=v

    Jan 21, 2000
    Yum, this thread is making me hungry! Here are my favorites:

    Dinner at 'Ohana--the marinated meats are delicious, and I love the little dumplings and pineapple with caramel sauce

    Breakfast at Concourse Steakhouse--Sticky Mickeys--enough said!

    Lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern--the Colony Salad is the best salad I have ever had

    Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern--yep, we love dinner here too; the food is right up our alley, and the rolls are sooo good

    Dinner at Kona Cafe--I love the Pan Asian pasta and the Koko Puffs for dessert

    Dessert at Artist Point--the berry cobbler is FANTASTIC!

    Lunch at Le Cellier--the sirloin burger is so delicious, and I love the dense bun they put it on; plus, that cheese soup with pretzel breadsticks can't be beat

    Lunch at Rainforest Cafe--despite it's frequent criticism here, I like this restaurant a lot; the Bamba's BBQ wrap with chicken is yummy!
  21. CamColt

    CamColt Moderator Moderator

    Aug 7, 2000
    French Toast Loaf- Main ST Bakery

    Tonga Toast- Kona Cafe

    Everything @ Ohana

    Funnel Cake America in Epcot

    Ice Cream-Main ST Parlor

    Loaded Nachos- ESPN

    Breakfast Pizza-Chef Mickeys

    4 Cheese Flatbread & Chicken Parm- Mama Melrose

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