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    Something happened last December - I think "Life" caught up with me and yanked me away from DIS and finishing the TR for my September 2009 birthday bash at WDW ... and when I went back on a few weeks ago to wrap up the sucker ... well - my TR was in "inactive" mode, and I have had no luck getting it resuscitated ...

    So we'll just start a new one here ... and pick up where I left off ... So any "newtimers" to my TR, you'll find the beginning of it in my siggie below ... and any "oldtimers" - you may want to refresh your memories a bit ...

    And I need to wrap this baby up, cuz we're going back to Orlando in June!!

    So, to quote one of may favorite entertainers: "And awaaaaay we go!!"

    Day 2 – Part 3

    As I recall, that Friday afternoon was hot!! And after the walk from Kidani to Jambo House – even though it only took 5 minutes – it was REALLY hot!!

    So we changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the pool … where we met up with Jed, Mindi, Nina, and Allan … and Danielle was very happy to see her favorite cousin Nina!

    Allan and Jed had a fun time doing the Richard Petty experience – although they both admitted their stomachs were just barely up to the task (something about going around in circles at high speeds … Mission:Space anyone?!?).

    We spent a relaxing couple hours lounging by the pool and soaking our heads – with an occasional trip to the poolside bar …

    Around 5:30 I went back to the room and got dressed, as I was and heading back to Epcot – with Allan, Delani, and Alana.

    My Mom was tired from the heat and walking, Vicki’s knee was sore, and Danielle wanted to hang with Nina. Jed and Mindi do not care that much for Epcot, so they were going to just stay and enjoy the AKL – with dinner reservations at Boma!!

    But their dinner plans were about to change … Instead of going to Boma – and much to the joy of Danielle and Nina – the adults put the kids into Simba’s Clubhouse for the night …



    and the adults decided to splurge a bit and had a very nice and fun dinner at Jiko!!


    And to this day, Danielle and Nina won’t tell us what they did in Simba’s Clubhouse – Apparently, what happens at Simba’s Clubhouse stays at Simba’s Clubhouse!

    Our main objectives for the evening at Epcot were to visit a few countries (i.e. shop and buy pins, as far as the girls were concerned … ), see Illuminations, have dinner, and take Allan on Soarin’ and Test Track during EMH …

    But right ff the bat, we grabbed a Photopass photographer:





    We strolled past Canada (no Off-Kilter! – and no one really wanted to stand for the movie … but the girls did check out the souvenir cart!! ), meandered through the UK a bit (but the girls weren’t all that interested in meeting Alice …), and almost visited France (which was on Alana’s list of favorites … but again, no one wanted to see a movie, we were starting to get hungry, and – amazingly – the girls didn’t want to go shopping!!)

    So it was on to Morocco, where we checked out the menu at the Tangerienne Café (this CS restaurant was on my list of places to try this trip …) - Allan and I were game, but girls were not interested in being a bit daring and having something other than chicken nuggets …

    The Matsuritza Taiko drummers were performing at Japan – but, again, the girls were not interested in non-21st century American culture … So into the Department store we went!! We watched the “pearl picking” fun - and the girls were interested in getting some jewelry (of course!) – but there was a long line, and our stomachs were starting to growl.

    We then strolled through the Japanese gardens and up to the CS restaurant, but – again! - the girl’s palates did not want try some Japanese food …

    So, it was over to the American pavilion for some “home cookin’” – While Allan and the girls ordered food at the American CS place (which, on the plus side was inside with wonderful A/C and lots of open tables …), I headed back to Morocco and the Tangerienne Café …

    Where I found Mo Rockin’ playing (and dancing!) – and managed to catch the last 5 minutes of their set …

    I ordered the schwarma combo platter (lots of food!! – but no A/C) and walked back to the American restaurant to join my brother and nieces in that wonderful America A/C!! Did I mention there was lots of food? LOTS of food?!? Lots of GOOD food!!! It was way too much food for one person to eat, and any I didn’t have room left in my tummy for the baklava (so out came a plastic bag …)

    After dinner we headed into the practically empty theatre and watched the American Adventure … I admit it: I dozed a bit (it had been a long day and I had a VERY full and happy tummy …) … and the girls - again – were not all that impressed with the show …

    Back into the pleasant evening (it had cooled down nicely ..), and after a bit of searching we found a good spot to watch Illuminations along shoreline by Italy … and that’s what we did!!
    We then strolled back to FutureWorld with goal of taking Allan for a spin on Test Track, but the line was outside the entrance with a 30 minute wait posted (and it was probably longer ...) – so we opted for Mission:Space (Green version) instead. Alana was a little trepidatious – but we all had a fun time (and I liked it more than when I first rode it in December 2008). Delani wanted to try the Orange version and see if she had the “right stuff” … so Allan, Alana, and I waited outside the gift shop/Space Race area for about 20 minutes … and Delani survived her trip to Mars (don’t you just HATE 13-year olds???!!!???).

    By this time, everyone was getting tired and Allan didn’t want to do Soarin’ (despite all of our pleas …), so we headed towards the exit. But I did manage to persuade Delani to ride Spaceship Earth with me (but Allan and Alana done for the night!)

    We got something to drink, and then headed back to AKL … ending another fun time at Epcot (and a long, hot day!!).

    My head hit the pillow about 11:30 …

    Coming up soon (maybe tomorrow - depending on the weather) - it's my birthday at the Magic Kingdom!!!
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    Hey! I'm here.....sounds like a challenge!! ;)

    Glad to see you back on the boards...now to get my butt into gear!! LOL!!:lmao:

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