Earning My Ears
Feb 15, 2007
Howdy y'all! Had a question and I'm sure someone here has the answer. I purchased the chef mickey card at F&W this year it came with the bolo with a chef mickey slide on it, anyways i was wondering if the card could be reloaded? Or will it turn into another collectable laying around the house? The initial buy was $250.
Thanks in advance and hope everyone has a great holiday season. :santa:


Winner DISBoards Scavenger Hunt...way back when!
Sep 15, 2003
I just looked up what you purchased. For $250.00, you got a gift card in a plastic pouch on a purple lanyard with Mickey holding up a tray of bread, cheese, and grapes. It looks like the gift card is a regular gift card that could be reloaded. I think the commemorative design is what separates it from any other gift card.

Reload it and have fun in WDW!!!


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