1. K

    Disney's Swan and Dolphin and the Dining Plan

    Hello everyone! My family and I are potentially planning a trip to Disney World for next year. Last time we were there we stayed at the Beach Club and loved the location and ease of access to Epcot. Unfortunately this time around we may not be able to afford The Beach Club and are looking over...
  2. B

    Mickeys mini garden questions

    For those who bought the mini garden item at The Land at Epcot, were you able to take the plant on an airplane. I want to buy it but I don’t know if the gel inside of the plant can pass through airport security. thanks
  3. M

    FASTPASS Soarin or Frozen?

    I'm not sure what to do! For the longest I thought frozen was a given however we have to ride swap bigger rides and since my son will be able to ride frozen since it's any height I feel like maybe I should do soarin because we would be able to wait together for that one. What's do you think? Is...
  4. mrsap

    Epcot Forever - What did you think?!

    https://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/epcot-forever/news/18sep2019-video---sneak-peek-at-recording-the-soundtrack-for-the-upcoming-epcot-forever-firework-show.htm What do you think?
  5. Y

    Looking for mickeys of Glendale D23 item

    Like the title says I would love some help finding an item I regret not buying severely from mickey’s of Glendale at D23 this year. It was one of the Epcot posters they were selling that had the kind of holographic finish. If anyone has one they are willing to part with or knows of a direction...
  6. B

    Help Planning 3 Days with Kids

    Hi Everyone! We are working on planning our upcoming trip in November! We will be there 11/17-11/19 (Sun-Tues). There will be 4 adults who plan to spend all three full days in the park(s) and a family with 2 adults and 2 kids (one will have just turned 3, the other is almost 6). The family...
  7. S

    Daim Bars. Where to buy?

    Only thing my son wants for his birthday next week. Trying to buy online or over phone and amazon, Walmart, can’t deliver until mid September. Can’t get to ikea to even check until next week. Is there a number on-site to have these shipped from Norway? Or can someone recommend a quick...
  8. WebmasterJackie

    VIDEO: Living With The Land | Epcot | Walt Disney World

    Take a ride with us through Living With The Land! Many of the plants grown here are served at restaurants around Walt Disney World.
  9. WebmasterJackie

    VIDEO: Epcot Construction Overview | Walt Disney World | July, 2019

    A complete look at all the construction and remodeling going on at Epcot as of July, 2019!
  10. WebmasterJackie

    4K VIDEO: IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth with The Heartbeat of Freedom

    With IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth coming to an end September 30, 2019, this is the last ever show including The Heartbeat of Freedom Independence Day tag featuring enough fireworks to literally make your heart skip a beat.
  11. TheSouthernBelle

    Epcot Touring Plan

    So we’re headed to Epcot on day 1 of our trip in early August. We usually don’t spend a full day there but for the most part will on day 1. Here’s what I roughly threw together picking our FP+ today and our dining plans. We’re staying at BWI and plan to walk to Epcot for rope drop. We want to...
  12. Tyler belden

    Need help picking!

    When me and my family go next trip we usually do two all day epcot days and will be doing sit down meals. My brother and dad really want to do biergarten even though ive already been there, so im picking the other meal. Also I’ve been to via napoli as well!
  13. mummahustle

    Eating around the world. Budget style?

    Hi Everyone, Less than 1 month 'til a 1 day trip with me and my husband. Doing MK in the morning and then monorail over to Epcot to snack/drink around the world. I have seen lots of different posts on this, but how about one that is budget friendly? We are all about splitting...
  14. D

    Illuminations last show???

    Have they announced when Illuminations will end. Thank you Chris
  15. kdisser

    Flower and Garden Thread

    Is there an official F&G thread out there?? Can someone help me find it? Please!!
  16. Babacuss

    F&W Chef Mickey Card

    Howdy y'all! Had a question and I'm sure someone here has the answer. I purchased the chef mickey card at F&W this year it came with the bolo with a chef mickey slide on it, anyways i was wondering if the card could be reloaded? Or will it turn into another collectable laying around the house...
  17. K

    Kaitlyn & Christian Wishes Japan/GM Lounge- 12/1/2019

    HELLO! It's been exactly 44 days since my dream Disneyland Proposal & the ball is already rolling for our dream Disney Fairytale Wedding! :rotfl: I hesitated at first about starting this thread already because my date/venues aren't 100% confirmed yet, but I am pretty confident that it will all...
  18. BetaCygni

    UO & WDW Holiday 2017-18 Trip Report

    Pre-Trip Planning Our Crew Our crew was me, my wife (DW) and our twin 20-year-old children (DS & DD). DD and I are the real Disney fanatics in the family. DS loves going on rides and the whole Disney experience. DW is not as enthusiastic as the rest of us but enjoys going on family vacations and...
  19. eiblehs

    Our Incredible Summer in WDW!

    Hello there! My name is Shelbie and this is my second Disney trip report. (Click here if you're interested in reading about last year's trip!) My boyfriend, Bradley, and I visited Walt Disney World together in late July of last year. The day after we left, I began asking Bradley, "When can we go...
  20. Carlos A Cabrera

    Epcot Overhaul

    So there is a lot of talk going around about the upcoming overhaul of Epcot. Disney had released concept art a bit ago, showing Epcot in a whole new light. Although is you look closely you will notice that Innoventions East and West are both missing. Although i know this is concept art, and may...


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