Everyone asking about Teva's, try these Nikes...


oh bother!
Aug 23, 1999
I posted a thread on the Community Board and Beverly Lynn (Thanks!) suggested I post it here too regarding my new Nike sandals :)

I bought these Nike Sandals last week for my trip in 9 days. They're called the Nike Straprunner II and they are so comfortable! I bought another pair of Nike sandals 2 yrs ago and wore them to the Animal Kingdom one day for 2 hours and I almost died! They were so uncomfortable and had a hard scratchy material that kept rubbing against my foot and caused major blisters!
I have been wearing them around the house today and they're pretty good, except for being very squeaky!!

You can read more about them here

I got the lighter blue ones and they're pretty cute! I got them at Sports Authority for $39.99.

Hope this helps someone on a future trip, or for any other reason :)


Let me know how the Nike's work at WDW. Post it here when you get back. I bought pair also and I have been walking in mine everyday. I hope they work out. :cool:
I'm happy to see that they are half the cost of the Teva Circuits. I really want to hear if the work as well. Thanks for posting.

I wore the Nike Straprunner II for nine solid, non-stop days and nights. They are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn. They blow Tevas away as far as comfort. Great for water too. It felt like I was walking on a cloud the entire time. They're GREAT!!!!! I can't believe they're under $40. I'd pay triple for the comfort they provide.
I bought a pair of Teva's and sent them back. They were very uncomfortable on my feet. I happened to be shopping yesterday & found some Nike sandals and they seemed to be very comfortable.
Wow We thought we were the only ones that thought that the Nike Straprunners were soooooooo comfortable me and DH have a pair and wore them our entire visit this month for 8 days. Going to by another pair before they discontinue them. I always used sneakers around the parks but not nay more I lOVE my NIKIES.:pinkbounc :pinkbounc :pinkbounc
Dick's sporting goods has them on sale for 39.99 right now! unfortunately they were out of the womens in my size! figures
Sports Authority has them for $30 right now! They're normally $39.95, but this week all sandals are 25% off. Got mine today. :)
The link in the original post took me to a different shoe. I can't find the Straprunner, am I missing something?? Has it been discontinued? Help!! LOL.

would these be comfortable for someone w/ high arches??? I would love to be able to wear sandals, instead of sneakers
I have very narrow feet, do you think they would work for a long thin foot? They sound like a great sandal, if they'll fit.
You have to go to your local Sports Authority store to get those sandals on sale ($29.99). The one I went to only had the light blue color. I know on the link posted earlier, they also come in grey and navy.

You could also do a search for Nike Sandals and see what comes up.

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I went after work tonight and bought my DH a pair and myself a pair and they are so comfortable..I have been wearing all nite and they are like a cloud....and they were only $29. each with the 25% off...hope they feel this good in DW in Sept & Dec..change from the sneakers and my Birkies..Thanks for letting us know about these and they are the straprunners that I bought , light blus for me and grey for my DH,,,,Marianne :earsgirl: :wave:
I found a pair of the Straprunners today at Dick's (39.95) and tried them on. They felt good except for the base of the shoe that is against the bottom of your foot. It felt a little strange to me as it has a design cut into the material. Is it just me or does it feel that way at first and then go away as you wear them?


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