Escape to WDW Feb 2 - Feb 8 Day 1

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Eeyore's Buddy Bear, Feb 11, 2001.

  1. Eeyore's Buddy Bear

    Eeyore's Buddy Bear Earning My Ears

    Dec 8, 1999
    Cast of Characters:
    Me (Brenda) – age 26, Disney fanatic
    Mom – age 50 something, Disney fanatic by association

    We left Brunswick GA at 7:30 a.m. to head to Orlando. We stopped at the St. Augustine, FL Disney Character Warehouse on the way down and picked up a couple of things. They had some Disney Beanies for $3.99 (regular $7.00). They had a good selection of T-shirts, but I didn’t get one. We got back on the road to Orlando. We checked in at Dixie Landings at around 12:00. We were able to choose a room from 2 or 3 that were available. We chose room 8300 in Acadia House. This was a corner room so we had two windows. From the room, the walk to the food court was about 10 minutes.

    We put our things in the room and then headed to the Contemporary for lunch. We had 1:00 priority seatings for the Concourse Steakhouse. Mom and I both ordered the burgers (mine with cheddar cheese and hers with cheddar and bacon). Our total for the meal was $29.00 including tip. The burgers were excellent and more than we could eat. After lunch, we wandered around the Contemporary Resort until I found the five-legged goat on the mural. Then we returned to Dixie Landings and unpacked and relaxed for a couple of hours.

    Around 4:00 we left to go to the other Disney outlets in Orlando. We went to the new outlet at the Premium Outlets first. I got a long sleeve T-shirt for $17.99 (I later saw it at the parks for $36.00) and a couple other beanies.

    Next we got on International Drive and headed for the Belz outlets. On the way we stopped at Pointe Orlando to go to FAO Schwartz. This is a cool toy store. We didn’t buy anything, but we enjoyed the stop. If you collect Barbies, you have to go in the Barbie room and see all of the collector dolls. Amazing!!

    Now on to the Belz outlets. We stopped at both of the Disney outlets, but we didn’t see anything that we hadn’t seen earlier in the day.

    We returned to Dixie Landings and had dinner at the food court. We purchased the refillable mugs ($9.29 per mug – free refills). I had the chicken finger meal and Mom had their special (fish and shrimp dinner). My chicken was excellent. Mom liked the fish, but the shrimp were overcooked. Dinner including the one time charge for the mugs was $32.50. After dinner we went to bed to get ready for our first day in the parks.

    Preview for Day 2: EPCOT then hop to MK for the Main Street Electrical Parade
  2. snuggles

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Hi there! I'm from Georgia too! Just go west for about 3 hours and you are in Thomasville. :) Sounds like you had a good start to your trip. Looking forward to reading more.

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  3. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    My first kind of day at Disney - shopping at the outlets. Thanks for posting!

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