Entertainment Discounts?


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Jan 17, 2001
I was just wondering, Who is eligible for the Entertainment Discount? and how would you go about getting it?
(maybe I am a miser... :eek: )

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Mar 15, 2001
The entertainment discount is available to anyone who purchases a entertainment book. You can order one at http://www.entertainment.com You do not have to purchase the Orlando book, you can get the one for your hometown. Inside, there is suppose to be a an entertainment card for you to carry around for the various discounts. I'm not sure what all they consist of. I know if you plan on staying onsite at Universal Studios you should plan on buying this book because it will save you 50% off their hotels. According to everyone here on the Dis, you can't find a better price for their rooms anywhere.

Maybe someone else could tell you what other kind of discounts you could receive if you were to purchase one?


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Aug 18, 1999
Lots of info on the Entertainment card and the Swan and Dolphin resort in the link below the jumoing sheep below!


Link toSwan and Dolphin FAQ!
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Feb 9, 2001
You can get an entertainment card when you join the Disney Club. It has an entertainment card icon on the back of the disney card itself. You can use it for discounts on rooms and food. Lots of restaurants coupon on
http://www.entertainment.com site. Put in zip code 34747 for those around WDW.
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Aug 24, 1999
I just checked the Disney Club Member Kit about Entertainment discounts. It says to go to the Disney Club website. You can only use it for Entertainment discounts at the locations they list on the search feature on the website (link below). Not the regular Entertainment Book locations. Most food locations are only 20%, not buy one/get one free like the Entertainment Book. They are mostly fast food, chinese & pizza, not the nicer restaurants (at least in my area). Nothing in the Disney World area.



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Mar 15, 2001
If you are planning on staying onsite at Universal Studio's, I don't believe they accept the Disney Entertainment card. You can double check, but I thought I read that you must have the entertainment card found at www.entertainment.com


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Sep 2, 1999
I've booked the HRH in August.Rack rate was $185, entertainment book rate $117.50. The book cost me 26.95 delivered to my home. Well worth it!p

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