Electric Appliance for Quick, Hot Breakfast?

Bill From PA

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Nov 8, 1999
Anyone ever take an electric appliance to whip up a quick breakfast in room? I'm thinking of those sandwich presses that make a hot sandwich in a few minutes. Is there something like that for breakfast food?

Bill From PA

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I brought one of those portable electric tea pots for instant coffee, tea, and instant oatmeal. I was always careful to unplug it as soon as I was finished, and I had it out in the open, and no one ever said anything to me. I'm not sure what the hotels' policy is though on small electric appliances.

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I took a small electric hot pot with us. It heated up water in just a few minutes. It was great for coffee, instant oatmeal, and hot water to wash the kids cups. Nothing was said to us about using the hot pot. I plan on taking it with us on all future trips.
We took a toaster for english muffins, bagels, that kind of thing. It worked out great for us. We ate breakfast in the room everyday. I got up and showered first, and while DH was showering, I got the kids some breakfast. We then hopped on the bus for EE.


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I have brought both. The thing about the electrcal skillet is that you will need to cook in or near the bathroom and turn on the exhuast fan.

I use to bring a toaster but my 2 year old can now eat poptarts cold.

We drive down and I take a small microwave. I keep it on the luggage rack in the room and always unplug it after every use. I have never had a problem and feel it is much safer than some of the small appliances that are brought. Of course, if you unplug items that would be safe also. I get a handicapped room if they are not too busy. I qualify but do not want to do someone else, who might be in worse shape than I, out of the room. Otherwise a small ice chest is great. On the way home you can use the empty chest to store all those items you picked up in the park.

It is not so much the money, although that is nice, but the food courts at the All Star can be quite busy most mornings and it is so relaxing to sit and have corned beef hash, bagels and orange juice quietly and avoid the rush. We don't like crowded and hectic vacatons so we always go against the flow.

I bet that if more and more people start bringing appliances that they will start offering microwaves to rent as well. Seems to me though that if you are staying any length of time it might be cheaper to buy and abandon small refrigs or microwaves if you are flying in and have limited space to pack such things. My $40 microwave has been paid for many times over so far. We were at DW in December and we are planning our next trip for March or April. Waiting on AP rates. Discount AND the knowledge that it will not be as busy. Love the mouse.

Linda and Tom
On our last trip we took a hot pot and it was great. You can boil water, make soup, and boil pasta in it. I have an egg cooker also that boil (hard, soft, medium) up to 6 eggs in less than 5 minutes that we are taking (as the kids love boiled eggs). Have never had a problem with the hotels. Always unplug and put away everything. Great way to save money and eat decent food.
Food Court at ASMo has microwave, bagel toaster and regular toaster. You can bring in food from the outside and use their appliances rather than carting yours from home. Bringing microwave popcorn is a good snack to heat up there.
In 1998 and 1999 I got a microwave in our room at the BC. I requested it along with a Coffee pot when we checked in and called housekeeping when we got to our room it was delivered by 9PM that night. I think they may be available if you request them I don't think there was a charge. I needed it to heat a bottle for my nephew. You may want to call the hotel and ask at the guest relations desk if this service is provided.
We got a toaster at Wal-Mart in Kissimmee for $7.97. We had toaster scrambles for breakfast, sandwich pockets for snacks and muffins, bagels and toaster strudels. It was a great time and money saver and we gave it to the maid when we left so we wouldn't have to transport it home.
We always bring a small electric burner with us. I have taken a small toaster to. Now that most places have the coffee makers I don't bring the burner anymore. I just use the coffee pot!


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