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    Hello everyone! Thanks for reading this; I hope someone can provide assistance. My family and I (husband and 9 year old daughter) have planned a trip to Disney April 21-25 (while DD is out of school for spring break!) Yes, I know - BUSY time! We have reservations at a nearby hotel, but not a Disney owned hotel.

    To make a long story short, I've had trouble walking long distances recently. I have arthritic pain, my legs swell, etc. So I'm seriously considering renting an ECV. I've done a lot of reading so far but I still have some questions I hope someone can answer.

    Since I know renting them from the parks is a first-come first-served basis - any recommendation on what time I should be at the park to be able to get a good chance of getting one? An hour before it opens? 2 hours? On days where there are extra magic hours - would I be able to rent an ECV early even though I'd have to wait until normal opening time to get in the park?

    Or because it's the week after Easter would I not have a good change of renting one at the park? I'm also considering renting from outside the park too, if I could get it from the hotel to the park.

    Thanks for any replies. I appreciate it!
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    IYou may want to consider renting from an outside vendor. They are considerably cheaper and you may find you need it at the hotel or elsewhere outside the parks.

    If you are planning on using a hotel shuttle to get to the parks, call the hotel and ask about ECV Access. They should have the ability to handle ECV if they are offering this service. If you have a car to get back and forth, tell the rental company and they should have scooters that can be easily disassembled and put in the trunk.
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    I didn't like it, but following an accident I have toured the parks in a scooter. I can walk, just not far nor stand for long periods.

    We always request the 3 wheel Pride Revo. 3 wheels = very nimble, small turning radius. It breaks down to fit in the trunk. DH actually manages to stuff it onto the backseat of our Sonata fully assembled, just drop down the handle/basket arm. We have a dog seat cover, $19 by the way.


    Upon arrival before you venture out. Scoot out to an open area and practice. Checkout how to control the speed, spend some time in reverse and try parking. You will be happy you took the extra 15 minutes!


    Go to Wally World and buy a little bike bell and horn. Take along a small screwdriver to add the bell and horn to the scooter. They make people smile------especially the bell!

    88 days from now we head to Alaska. I probably will take the walker for our week on land but Hubby has already arranged for a scooter for the ship. I still HATE it - but it gives me freedom to go anywhere. I'm getting my bell on my next trip to Walmart.
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    I too have mobility issues due to arthritis. My Disney trips always include a scooter rental. I prefer to rent outside the park as it is cheaper. I also realized the walk from the exit to parking or buses was just to much. They do deliver right to your hotel. I also recommend a smaller scooter that breaks down so you will have the freedom to take either in car or hotel bus. There are sites here that will give you scooter recommendations from reputable dealers outside of the parks.

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