ECV questions


Apr 29, 2001
I am planning a last minute trip with my dd son. I think I'm going to need to use an ECV this time -- walking has gotten very difficult. What arrangements will the airlines make for you to btring your own? Is it better to rent for the week ( we'll be there 6 days) or rent at the parks?II'll be renting a car and do have a handicapped tag for parking. Will I need to get a certain size car to accomodate?. My 20 yo dtr has always gone with us and when I can't walk she's pushed me in a wheelchair --- she's not going to be able to make this trip so I'm on my own. My son overloads easily so we may be in and out of the parks several times during the day. This board has been terrific for info --- thanks in advance for helping with this.
I'll start you out with some info (even though we have never used an ecv; my DD has a manual wheelchair and we are deciding whether to take her power chair on our next trip). I'm sure someone who uses one regularly will be along soon to give you some more helpful info.
If you rent one at the parks, they are first come, first served, so there is no assurance that one will be there for you. Here are places that people have reported renting from:
CARE Medical Equipment - 1-800-741-2282

RANDY'S Mobility in Kissimmee 407-892-4777

Walker Medical - 1-800-334-9501

Colonial Medical
I use a power chair at home and have not taken it with us when we fly. I'm so afraid something will happen to it. I rent off-site for the duration of my trip. It was delivered to my hotel and we left it at bell services when we checked out. We had a minivan and my dh and ds just lifted it into the back all assembled. They do come apart fairly easily and fit into a normal trunk. When you call to rent the ECV ask what size car it will fit in. I'm sure they get those questions all the time.
Have a great trip.
SueM is definitely right in that it is better to rent offsite rather than from Disney, especially on a weekly basis. I have used Walker and any problems encountered were only minor in nature and fixed immediately. I had looked into Randy's; they are less expensive but require that you personally accept delivery (and sign a waiver of liability) and that you personally be available when they pick up the ECV. Walker will drop off at your hotyel (usually the afternoon before arrival) at bell services and pick it up after your departure; I feel this convenience is worth the extra money. We have no problem with any full-size, four door sedan. Howver, you should be aware that he heaviest piece is 39 pounds, and someone must be able to lift it into and out of the trunk. If I am at a full-service (deluxe) hotel the valets are pretty much used to disassembling and assembling them; at the parks or the hotels without valets you are definitely on your own.

If you have your own I can see two problems. One is checking with the individual airline about handling. The otehr is you will be attempting to load the ECV and all your luggage into a car. This might be a space problem.


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