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    Jan 12, 2006
    DVC Mousecellaneous -- General DVC discussion not appropriate elsewhere

    The DVC Mousecellaneous Board is the place for discussions about DVC related topics not specific to DVC operations, DVC vacation planning, or Renting/Trading DVC reservations or points. This is the place to post "Welcome Homes" and other congratulations, trip countdowns, room and trip reports, DVC rumors and speculations, DVC special events (cruises, member get togethers, ride/attraction previews), member discounts and perks, other Disney perks and how they related to DVC members (DDE, Dining Plan, etc). These discussions are welcome here. Any threads/topics not DVC specific will either be moved to the appropriate DIS forum, or will be closed.

    If you have questions about other WDW resorts, restaurants, tickets/ticket brokers, weather, crowds and other non-DVC related information, please post those on the appropriate boards (Theme Parks, Resorts, Restaurants, Trip Planning, Rumors, Budget, etc.). If you have questions/comments about non-Disney topics, please post those on the DIS Community Board.

    NO “For Sale” posts are to be made anyplace on the DISboards website. This includes making mention of resort, Use Year or number of points when requesting information about selling. "Want-to-Buy" posts are also not allowed.
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