dumb question--what are the lanyards for? what are they?


Earning My Ears
Jan 15, 2001
Hi! I've read quite a few posts about lanyards and card holders and I'm a bit confused. Are lanyards those things that are made of belt-like material that you wear around your neck? Do you attach your card holder to this so your cards are always handy? I'm assuming for fast pass you need to take your cards out of the plastic holder,etc. Thanks for any clarification! I've learned so much from these boards but it is like studying for a final exam!!
The lanyards are neck straps - they can hold pass holders or even water bottles.

For certain events, you may get a lanyard - ceremonial procession.

They are a great way to display your pins and you will see most CMs wearing them.

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AHHH but it is better then a final!!! If you are here studying the boards you have a guarenteed A++++!!!


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