Earning My Ears
Feb 4, 2001
I must say, I loved this hotel!!!!! First of all, the "villas" are set up like duplexes. You have a your own outside entry. For the one we stayed at, you first walk into the door, in front of you is the stairs leading up to the second floor, to the right bathroom number one. The bathroom had the normal toilet and sink, but the shower was just a shower, no tub. From the bathroom you go down the hall and to the right was a kitchen. it was small, but it had full refrigerator, full stove, microwave, dishwasher, and sink, coffee maker. Now i must add here that i was disappointed with the dishwasher. i am used to mine here at home that you have to just scrape the leftover food off the plate, and throw them in. if you have anything dried left on the plate, it wont take it off. they do provide pots and pans. But they didnt have any oven-mits. The first night we had pizza, and there wasnt any pizza pans, or cookie sheets. (my son set off the fire detector with the smoke from the dripping cheese
:p ) then you can look out of the kitchen into the living room, which had a big kitchen table with 5 chairs. there was a 3 cushion sofa, and a chair (unfortunately not a reclining chair) and an entertainment center with just a tv. Now they didnt have much for cable...just Encore which really seemed to be HBO, Disney channel, news and sports. And of course the regular ABC,NBC,CBS,FOX. And then there was a sliding glass door onto your balcony, which had two chairs.
Upstairs, there was 2 with a queen size bed, and the other had 2 double or queen, i didnt pay to close attention. inbetween the two bedrooms was bath number two, which was divided...the toilet and shower/tub on one side and a double sink on the other. There was also lots of closet in both bedrooms, as well as dressers, and a closet in the living room.
I did talk to a woman who had a 3 bedroom villa, and she said that the 3 bedrooms are the same square footage, but they had a small bedroom downstairs, minus the kitchen table.
The hotel had a restraunte, and a small (like 6 people would fit in the inside) bar. They also have a little store that sells everything from soveingers, pop, magazines, to sandwich supplies. (they call it a deli). they also have laundry facilities. 1.75 for wash and 1.75 for dry) tennis courts, basketball courts, playground, and a wondering armidillo my husband tried desperately to catch.
The only thing that bothered me was the first night we got in, they had kareoki, and our room was right by the pool, bar, and you could here that....

oh my this is long...feel free to ask more, if i left anything out, and please forgive spelling or typing, i havent done it for 9 days!!!!!
Great info - I love being able to get these kinds of details. Would also like to know where exactly this Doubletree is located and how was the drive to the Disney parks? And what was the pool like - depth, slide, hot tub, etc.? Thanks a bunch!:)
Thanks for your report. Did you drive to the parks or use hotel transportation? If you drove, ,how long was travel time?
as for the pools, the kiddie pool was small, i think it was a capacity of 6, and the hot tub was the same. and the main pool was 3ft-6ft, and was a nice size. i do believe the hotel was always full to capacity, and we never had problems with crowding...there was always somebody in the pool. but room for everybody. they were not spectacular, but they were nice. and nope no slides.
the offical address is 4787 w irlo bronson memorial hwy. (hwy 192) if you have the orange kissimee/st. cloude guide book, in the map area they have guide markers, and this hotel is easy to find as its right by guide marker 12. if your coming to the hotel in the west bound lane, you would turn before the marker. if you dont have that book, there is a congo river mini golf and a KOA camp ground right before the hotel. and the construction starts about a block down from there. i forgot all the instructions for the shortcuts to disney, but i would say the longest we drove was 20 mins, and that would be from leaving our villa. it didnt seem that long. and even with construction, i think the worst we were ever backed up was on friday when we left for the airport, otherewise it didnt seem that bad. :p i would do it all over again if i could:bounce: that bouncer is me throwing a fit because we had to come home.:( they do do have transpertation to the park, im not sure if i understood correctly but i think it was just to epcot (then you could take a disney bus, or monorail), and seating was limited and you had to reserve a seat. did i cover it???


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