Does anyone have any idea about the events


DIS Veteran
Feb 1, 2000
I am trying to book my vacations and want to plan them around the events.
I will be on the Cruise, so May is taken care of.
What are the dates for the June and July events.
I see on another board that June has not been scheduled yet, but the July event which is supposed to be held at the Resorts is scheduled for June 29.
Is this the June event, or the July event? Is this date correct?
I need to book my DVC for the summer and don't want to wait too long.
Can't get away for the September event so I have to make sure to get my pin cravings satisfied when I can. Peggie
May 16th- Disney Cruise on Wonder
une 1st- Wide World of Sports Complex
July 29th- Contemporary Resort
Sept. 20-21-22 Epcot
Ok, one post says June 29th, and Kathryn tells me July 29th. Not much help guys. lol. Thanks for trying. Peggie
Hi Peggie,

It's June 1st and June 29th....just saw the dates on another site. They said these dates were confirmed by WDW. Hope this helps!


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