Do the funky chicken?


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Aug 23, 1999
Well, I really did not like the look of the drawings for Pop Century, but did my best to reserve judgement until I saw it firsthand.....

Now that I have, I must say....folks, its actually uglier than the drawings. We were driving to CBR from AKL just a few days ago and got to see the sheer horror of the place....words cannot describe how hideous it really is. Huge letters proclaiming "Do the funky chicken" stick up off the roof of one building.....<shudder> Not exactly what I think of when I think "Disney". And if it wasn't bad enough that this place actually exists on WDW property.....the bad news is it can be viewed from CBR. Talk about ruining a nice resort!

I'm sure I'll get flamed...but whatever.....

What's next? Disney buys South of the Border and moves it to WDW? What in the heck were they thinking? The All Stars look simply elegant in comparison....
Why would you think anyone would flame you?

PC certainly is an... odd... resort...

I am in total and complete agreement. Pop Century is just plain awful looking.
The All Stars look simply elegant in comparison....
See YoHo, I do believe it is possible to think Pop Century is ugly but the All Stars are not. I'd venture to guess that there are lot's of people that agree.

Sure Landbaron, speak up when the thought is negative!;)

I know it means little around here but my kids find the images very amusing and compelling, does that make them dumb kids? No, they're just kids. Does it make Disney dumb to focus on them? Watch your answer...

:cool: :cool: :bounce: :cool: :cool:
One of my best and longest threads was on the *blech* design of PC. I think some type of natural just in that location could right the wrong!!! Maybe a nuclear warhead?
"Do the funky chicken"? Huh? :confused:

I really MUST see this place the next time we go. I've only seen photographs and the resort does look as ugly as a mudpost in those. And no, I'd rather not do the funky chicken at my resort. I wonder what the icons for that building are like?

I agree... I saw POC last month, and it IS gaudy.

However, something on the original post troubles me: The "South of the Border" comment. Lesley, could you clarify what you meant? I'd like to understand what your angle is before I pass judgement on the comment. Thanks!

South of the Border is a roadside tourist area on I 95 on the way to Florida just south of the border between North and South Carolina. It's well known for it's tackiness.
Aracuan, I just wanted to second CM Tink's post. "South of the Border" is the poster child for tacky, gaudy, laughable tourists traps in America. It's located just south of the border in South Carolina. Over the years they have added more and more "tackiness". Unfortunately the owners have combined this tackiness with a Mexican theme (to fit the name and placement south of the NC/SC border.) Not too politically correct.

By the way, great screen name! Can you do the sounds of the Aracuan??? :)
Thank you, CM Tink and gcurling! When I read the post this morning, It appeared to be so out of tune with what I'm used to reading around here, I thought I'd ask if I was missing something before flaming Lesley. Now I'm sure glad I did! Anyhow, I can't help feeling a bit Goofy now... :crazy:

Although I don't post often, I'm a big lurker. The DIS has not only been a source of information for me, it has also made me think and reflect upon WDW and the Disney Company in general. This may well be one of the best on-line communities out there. Thanks for lifting the spirit of this latin Disney fan!

Oh! gcurling... I CAN do the sounds of the Aracuan, but they are not easily translated to written form!
OMG...I'm sorry...I didn't think about my South of the Border comment as it would appear to those not familiar with I-95 (which would probably be most everyone who isn't from the eastern US north of FL). I definitely did not mean it the way you originally thought...I was most definitely referring to the dayglo tourist trap in SC.

As far as kids liking Pop Century....well, my kids like all the WDW resorts....and I'm not sure that most kids will "get" the whole concept behind PC. And as much as I take my kids' likes into consideration when choosing a resort to stay at.....I'm paying the bill and I get the final say (and I give my kids' wants more consideration than most parents!) Also....Walt Disney has been quoted as saying that his parks were to be places where parents and kids could have fun together....that they wouldn't be "just for kids"...I think this philosophy was to be the idea for the resorts also.

And Safari Steve...I'm surprised at your comment....but I like it! Odd is certainly a good word to describe it...especially when you need to be diplomatic.

Oh, and the huge icons on the building that holds "do the funky chicken" are bowling pins....??????????? I didn't know bowling was indicative of a particular era in history......
Hmmmm... Bowling and doing the funky chicken at the same time certainly brings up some weird images for me. ;)

I agree with you Lesley. My son also likes all of the resorts even though he does have preferences. (Surprisingly his favorites do NOT include the Allstars!) I do take into consideration where he would like to stay but price and my own preferences certainly come into play too.
I drove past this today to check it out, and there are actually yo-yo's on the ends of the FUNKY CHICKEN building. The bowling pins are connected to the neighboring, yet DIFFERENTLY themed building!
Sorry about the mix up....
but I'd say all the buildings are pretty "differently"

And honestly I can imagine someone doing the funky chicken while bowling more than I can imagine someone playing with a yo yo and doing the funky chicken!

Odd....yes....odd is definitely the word.
Oh I can not wait....I am going to break out my white leisure suit, throw on my "Frankie say Relax" T-shirt, and immediately begin to do the "funky chicken" when I check in.....However, I will only address cast members as "dude", and I promise to like ya know, use the word "like" in every sentence like ya know. Hey please wake me up before I go-go!!
Im glad i havent seen the Pop century resorts. But what do you expect when things are done on the cheap. And disney should focus more on adult tastes rather than kids!!!!! They can focus more on kids when the kids start paying the bills IMHO.
The infrastructure includes a small utilidor, which was not cheap by a longshot, and I think that the goal is still to focus on kids and adults together, that whole "family togetherness and fun" deal. On paper, this one seemed like it would be a decent example of that.
ie: Large icons and bright colors to appeal to the kids, nostalgic references to appeal to the adults, and possibly a catylist for bonding when the kids say, "Dad, what's the funky chicken?" or "Did you have a hula hoop like that one, mom?". The interior decor features pictures of CMs and their families from various decades during the 20th century, which really was major in terms of the development of pop culture.

Not an entirely bad idea.


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