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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Windy City Heather, Sep 27, 2005.

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    Does the DME run 24 hours a day? We are thinking about booking a flight that gets in at 12:30 am. We are also going to need to get on it to come home at about 4:30 am. We found REALLY good airfare ($116.00 round trip from Chicago on United).
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    Disney's Magical Express is ready when you are. I'm not sure whether Delta Airlines still is considering the latter is in bankruptcy.

    The ME desk at the airport is open as long as guests are still being expected. For flights arriving after 10:30 PM at least one person in your party should report to the ME desk ("A" side lowest level) first thing, as soon as you get off the plane.

    With increased pressure on ME from other transportation services not to solicit additional business and solicit guests without ME reservations at the airport, guests should do their best to get a written confirmation of ME reservations or at least get the names of persons talked to on the phone.

    Be sure to have your return bus vouchers and return bus time reserved a day before you go home. Sometimes these steps are accomplished when you arrive at Orlando.

    And be punctual for your 4:30 AM ME bus that will take you to your 7:30 flight.

    On a typical day, after the last ME bus drops its last arriving guest at WDW, it is only two hours, if that, before the first ME bus loads up with guests going home.

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    those of you who check baggage and used AIRTRAN, what side is there baggage claim on ( A side or B side )
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    I would also like to know if anyone has the answer to this question. :flower:

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