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    Got back from DL/Hawaii Trip on 6/27. The flight from Virginia to Hawaii is too long so we stopped at DL on the way there and the way back. Got off the plane at around noon at LAX and went to hotel. We used Supper Shuttle to get to and from the airport. You don't need reservations from the airport to DL but you do from DL to LAX. We made our reservations on line. We didn't have any problems with Supper Shuttle. After you get your luggage walk out the door and the Supper Shuttle bus stop is there. We told the shuttle worker where we wanted to go and only had a 10 minute wait for the shuttle to come.

    We stayed at the Desert Inn which was really convientent. We could walk to DL and not wait for a bus/trolley. It was also next door to restaurants like Denny's and Tony's. We had good meals at Tony's. The steak and ribs were especially good. Just had breakfast at Denny's. Saved a lot of money by not eating at the parks. It was too early to check in so we put luggage in lockers at hotel and went to the parks.

    Got to the park at 2:30. It was hot and crowded. Got fast passes for BT Rail Road but stayed in line anyway so we could ride a second time. After this ride we went to Tikki Room and Tarzan tree house. We went back to BT R.R. with our fast passes but it had broken down and was closed. We went back to hotel for nap and swim at hotel. That evening we went to California park and waited an hour for Soarin over CA. Great ride. Saw 10 minutes of electrical parade (we had already seen it at WDW). After that we walked over to DL. Line was long to get into park because of baggage check. We walked over to Space Mountain and saw the fireworks on the way over and while we were waiting in line. Line said it was an hour wait but after the fireworks were over a ton of fast pass people came in and the wait was more like an hour and 45 minutes. We would not have gotten in line if we knew it would be so long. Went back to hotel around 11:30.
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    Sounds like everyone got a fast pass then watched the fireworks - thanks for posting!
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    That's a long time to wait for Space Mountain. You're much more patient than I am.

    This was fun to read, thanks for posting.


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